10 Best Gothic Metal Bands

The ten best gothic metal bands will get you rocking. The ten best gothic bands will come down to your style. Here is a list of the best gothic bands based on groups that know how to throw down. You may and may not agree with the entire list of the ten best gothic bands. However, chances are, many of these gothic bands are on your list as well. Gothic music has a unique blend and these ten best gothic bands run the spectrum of those blends. Check out this article of ten best gothic bands and blend in your own mix for the ultimate gothic party.

  1. Evanescence: Some may argue this band and label them alternative metal. Mainstream sees them as gothic, and Amy Lee certainly carries a dark (yet sexy) look. Their debut album, "Fallen," became an instant classic, and with songs like "Tourniquet" and "Bring Me to Life," they hold the top spot.
  2. Type O Negative: The unfortunate death of peter Steele all but killed this mainstream gothic metal heavyweight. Type O Negative was a rare breed of band that was not only accepted in the mainstream but applauded. "Christian Woman" may very well go down as the best gothic metal tune ever.
  3. Nightwish: This international super band has found a gothic fan base around the globe. Their hypnotic beat and driving lyrics bring the genre to new heights. Many may argue that this is the best gothic band out there and few would complain. Check their latest offering, "Dark Passion Play," for some of the best sounds of Nighwish.
  4. Lacuna Coil: This gothic band comes to us from Italy and brings the imagery and style of gothic vision to life. Best known for their hit "Shallow Life," Lacuna Coil continues to this day to prove they are one of the best. Their heart pounding and graphic live shows are both entertaining and hell-raising.
  5. Cradle of Filth: Is a long-standing gothic metal band that has hit the mainstream vigorously. This British band mixes some of the best guitar play in with killer vocals and soothing undertones. Their mainstream hit, "Nymphetamine," still plays on the radio today, and the video can be seen on MTV as a regular.
  6. Epica: Is a symphonic gothic band from the Netherlands with an incredible front woman. Simone Simons can belt out the lyrics with the best of them all the while oozing sex and melting hearts. This incredible songstress has taken the genre to new heights. Epica is best known for their album "The Divine Conspiracy."
  7. Within Temptation: This gothic bands rides the hypnotic tones of guitar and steady bass, mingled with the melodic voice of Sharon den Adel. Their tune, "Ice Queen," has been hailed as one of the finest goth metal anthems of all time. Successful on the international stage, Within Temptation is also gathering a huge fan base in the US.
  8. For My Pain: This epic stronghold on gothic metal is an iconic band for sure. This cross section band made up of some of Goth’s greatest shows no signs of slowing down or aging. Look into the album, "Fallen," for a great taste of FMP goth-metal.
  9. Sirenia: This is another gothic rock band fronted by a woman. The angelic sounds of Sirenia is a gothic music staple. This Norwegian band has marked its spot among the best with its unique and relentless sound. Stay tuned for "The Enigma of Life," the forthcoming album from these goth gods.
  10. Mandragora Scream: This band is gothic music personified. "Madhouse" is a wonderful spin for those into goth metal. Magnificent beats, visuals and a wicked front woman. Sex sells in music and it does here for sure. However, close your eyes if you can and take in the vibe.
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