10 Best Graduation Goodbye Songs

These 10 best graduation goodbye songs are great to listen to or play at any graduation. They can help you capture the moment of graduation to move on to the future. These songs are all great options to choose.

  1. Vitamin C, "Graduation Song": This song is beautiful capturing the friendship, and sense of nostalgia. It is truly one of the best graduation goodbye songs.
  2. Queen, "We Are the Champions": This is a song that perfectly captures the bond of friendship and strength for those graduating. It is a momentous way to say goodbye through song.
  3. Bowling for Soup, "High School Never Ends": Whether you are saying goodbye, or pretending you don't have to, this song is the perfect goodbye graduation song. It captures the gossip, friendship, and joy of high school in just one song.
  4. Alice Cooper, "School's Out": This song captures the pure joy and glee to announce the end of school. It is perfect for those who don't want to look back at school anymore.
  5. The All-American Rejects, "The Last Song": This song is a great way to say a meaningful goodbye, while remaining strong and independent as an individual.
  6. Miley Cyrus, "The Climb": A way to suggest strength and upward mobility. This is one of the best graduation goodbye songs.
  7. Bon Jovi, "It's My Life": A song about independence and refusal to follow orders, a great way to say goodbye to submissive high school years, and hello to the future.
  8. S Club 7, "Say Goodbye": This song is for heartfelt goodbyes. Perfect for those who want to reminisce and hold on to meaningful relationships and friendships.
  9. Smokey Robinson, "Really Gonna Miss You": This song is great to express the sadness of parting. It is undeniably one of the best graduation goodbye songs.
  10. Amy Grant, "I Will Remember You": This song is perfect to say goodbye leaving a message for the future. An excellent and meaningful graduation goodbye song.
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