10 Best Greek Actresses

Although many may not think of her as a Greek actress, Tina Fey (of "30 Rock") is one of the 10 best Greek Actresses. Oh, and there are nine others, as well. After reading this, Greek actresses in Hollywood may not be all Greek to you anymore.

  1. Olympia Dukakis. No, Olympia Dukakis not just that acting sister whose brother ran for president. She's also a wonderful performer, who particularly shined in "Moonstruck" and "Steel Magnolias". She's the best of the ten best Greek actresses.
  2. Tina Fey. Tina Fey is not just a star of "30 Rock", but also one of its creators. She came out of "Saturday Night Live", and not makes some wonderful big screen movies. She even goes back to SNL to do the best Sarah Palin imitation around.
  3. Elizabeth Perkins. Perkins has done everything from serious (David Mamet's "About Last Night"), to silly ("Big"). She's a fine actress, who is aging well.
  4. Rita Wilson. Wilson has children with Tom Hanks, which is not something most girls can say. Memorable performances include appearances in "Old Dogs" and the remake of "Psycho".
  5. Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston is best known for the series "Friends". She's also known for being extremely attractive.
  6. Irene Papas. Papas is so Greek, she won a Greek acting award as best actress in 1961's "Antigone". So take that, Tina Fey!
  7. Nia Vardalos. Vardalos is a multitalented artist. In addition to being a fine actress, she was nominated for her screenplay writing work on "My Big Fat Greek Weeding" Also, that film probably utilized every Greek actress who looked even remotely Greek.
  8. Melina Kanakaredes. Whether acting in TV's "Providence", or "CSI: NY", Kanakaredes is one of the best. She's beautiful, too, having competed in the Miss Ohio Pagent and acting as spokeswoman for Maybelline New York in 2001.
  9. Marilu Henner. Henner's the hot chick from "Taxi". But this actress has also been nominated for five Golden Globes.
  10. Amy Sedaris. She's that creepy lady in "Strangers With Candy". She's creepy, but funny too.
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