10 Best Greek Singers

If you aren’t yet familiar with Greek rhythms, you’ll want to introduce yourself to the music of these 10 best Greek singers. Greece’s traditional music is as rich as the country’s history. Music was firmly implemented in Ancient Greek theater. In the present day, both traditional and popular music continue to play a major role in Greek lives within the island and in the global Greek community. 

  1. Stelios Kazantzidis. The importance of this popular Greek singer can best be communicated by the grand Michael Jackson-style national funeral that was broadcasted live on Greek television. He was a superstar and an icon for the style of Greek folk music called laiko.
  2. Marinella. Although Kazantzidis’ partner both in their personal lives and through duets in their musical careers, Marinella was undoubtedly able to make a name for herself in laiko all on her own. Her personal albums numbering over 60 boast meaningfully beautiful lyrics.
  3. George Dalaras. What people remember of this Greek heartthrob is his evocative and emotional singing style that reaches deep into the soul. He has a unique ability to blend traditional and modern, Greek and foreign, attracting fans all over the world.
  4. Glykeria. This singing Greek goddess has been referred to as the Madonna of Greek music. With a successful career of multi-platinum hits and sold-out concerts spanning over 30 years, Glykeria has risen to fame both in her homeland and worldwide.
  5. Katy Garbi. It’s impressive how Garbi has been able to produce catchy pop songs and hold on to her Greek roots. Apart from being a multi-platinum success, she never forgets her people, regularly donating to charity and participating in philanthropic events.
  6. Thanos Petrelis. Rising to fame in the early millennium by reaching the final round of Greece’s first TV talent show, this gorgeous Greek has won over many hearts. Since then, he’s performed hundreds of live shows including sold-out concerts in Australia, Canada, and the United States.
  7. Peggy Zina. She made Greece proud when she represented her country and placed second at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest, and she has never looked back. Even though she didn’t win the big prize, the song she sang made gold and she has accumulated numerous other achievements including ten successful albums.
  8. Nana Mouskouri. You’ve probably already heard of Mouskouri because she has been recognized as one of the world’s best-selling music artists. She has been embraced as an ambassador for the Greek, making her lyrics globally available by singing in different languages and recording duets with many famous international artists.
  9. Dimitris Mitropanos. Respected as one of the last true masters of the laiko music style, Mitropanos has charmed Greeks worldwide since his first record was released in 1967. He has worked with and learned from the best Greek composers and the emotion in his voice always brings tears to his audience’s eyes.
  10. Notis Sfakianakis. Starting out as a humble disc jockey, Sfakianakis always knew his life would revolve around music. His successful music career is marked by an evolving musical style and multi-platinum hits including a couple albums that broke records in Greek music charts.
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