10 Best Greek Wedding Songs

The ten best Greek wedding songs are a celebration, not only of love, but of the Greek culture. Amid the well wishes, laughter, tears, tasty foods and homemade wine, there is music and dancing. Of the ten best Greek weddings songs listed below, there is sure to be one that will be included in the celebration and making a lifetime memory for the newlyweds and their family and friends.

  1. "Simera Gamos Ginete," English translation "There's a Wedding Today." This Greek wedding song tells of a beautiful garden wedding and the parting of a mother and daughter.
  2. "Ximeroni," English translation "Daybreak." This is a beautiful song that bestows wise counsel about how to greet each break of day with a peaceful mind, and that the difficulties of life will bring about a greater appreciation of the good times.
  3. "Piraeus Children." This is a passionate Greek love song of a woman longing for the time her Piraeus would return from the harbor. But in between the time of their parting and reunion, she sends kisses toward the harbor and waits until he walks through the door again.  
  4. "S’agapo," English translation "I Love You." In this Greek wedding song the man reiterates over and over again his love for the woman in his life, and poetically compares her eyes to the sun and stars.
  5. "Zorba the Greek." This alternating slow and fast paced instrumental song immediately conjures up images of Anthony Quinn dancing the sirtaki dance in the movie Zorba the Greek. This song will liven up any festive occasion.
  6. "Maria, Maraki, Mario." This is another declaration of love song that will have the bride and groom gazing at each other with moonstruck eyes.
  7. "Siko Chorepse Sirtaki." This Greek song celebrates the sirtaki dance, and will have family and friends singing, dancing and clapping their hands.
  8. "I Proti Mas Fora," English translation "Our First Time." This Greek wedding song celebrates the bride and groom’s first night of intimacy together as husband and wife.
  9. "Ela." In this Greek song a woman has grown tired of the single life. Dancing and drinking now bore her. In the end she states to sleep alone is not to sleep at all.
  10.  "Agape Mou" English translation "My Love." This is a beautiful song about a young man’s search for his love, and once found to bask in the light of her love. 

Greek wedding songs are passionate, earthy, festive and filled with declarations of love. The Greek wedding song also speaks of the bitterness and sweetness of marriage, both of which are celebrated as realities of life.


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