10 Best Group Date Ideas

The 10 best group date ideas really are something to take to heart. We've all been there: you like that special someone, but they're a bit "attached" to friends. Well, no need to fear! With the host of group date ideas out there nowadays, assembling a top ten is easy to do. Who knows? Maybe one of these group date ideas just might be your next night on the town!

  1. Go to a comedy club. Nothing breaks the ice like humor. Even among the best group date ideas, attending somewhere purely for laughs is an excellent way to beat that social tension coming with multiple dating.
  2. Play a team video game. Everyone loves a good game night! Group dates don't have to be shy of their dorky side. Couples vs Couples? Guys vs Gals? Possibilities are endless.
  3. Play laser tag. There are all kinds of versions of laser tag out there, and franchises have popped up all over the globe. Expect your group date night to be a rip roaring good time.
  4. Compete at ping pong. Many local community centers are more than chalk full of these beauties, and playing on them can be quite an art. Spend a night out with table tennis, your special someone, and these group date ideas.
  5. Go bowling. The most classic of all group date ideas. Bowling is not only a slightly athletic, competitive, and addicting, but also very fun. 
  6. Try horseback riding. Granted, it can be a bit pricey, but horseback riding is one of the best group date ideas for those with a soft, romantic side; that is, if the horse doesn't go nuts. It can be a little expensive, but won't leave your wallet feeling as drained as a night at the movies.
  7. Raft down a river. Yes, with appropriate legal and parental supervision (if you so happen to be under the magical age of eighteen), this can be really fun and memorable for everybody involved. Don't forget the beer chest!
  8. Go paintballing. Well, we're sorry to inform you that not many women out there love this sport. Nonetheless, if you have the right mindset, this can be one of the best group date ideas (and one of the most memorable) for everyone involved.
  9. Go camping! Okay, it's not really a "date" so much as an experience … but aren't all of the coolest group date ideas experiences in themselves? Build a bonfire and make it a memorable weekend out with the gang (and that special someone).
  10. Play some minigolfing! Minigolf is that traditional boy-girl date, but taking it on as one of the group date ideas is an excellent take on the whole environment. Putters, lovers and cheap hotdogs. This sure is going to be one of the best group date ideas you've ever had!

Take these group date ideas to heart. Sure, some of them might seem oddball or corny, but then again aren't the best group date ideas those that take you, your partner, and your friends outside of your comfort zone? Choose one of the group date ideas and get going already, Romeo!

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