10 Best Guitar Acoustic Songs

In determining the judging standard for the 10 best guitar acoustic songs to go by, the guitar work had to be separated from the song. Not an easy task with so many different genres and very talented artists. This compilation of the ten best guitar acoustic songs crosses genres and decades. This is truly the best of the best of acoustic guitar music.

  1. “Spanish Eyes" performed by Esteban is an excellent example of classical music that is loved and appreciated by all genres and ages. This beautiful song becomes even more lovely in the hands and fingers of a true master of the guitar.
  2. “Photographs and Memories” performed by Jim Croce is an easy listening song. Jim Croce was without peer in this arena. His intricate fingerings are unmatched even today.
  3. “Iris,” an acoustic performance by the Goo Goo Dolls, is an excellent example of how full bodied an acoustic song can really be. For acoustic guitar songs, the acoustic version of this song definitely deserves its place in the ten best guitar acoustic songs list.
  4. “Good Riddance” by Green Day shows what can be done with string instruments. It starts and finishes with flawless guitar work and some good violin in between.
  5. “Cocaine” by Jimi Hendrix is included here because the acoustic version is outstanding. Most of the time, Jimi Hendrix played an electric guitar, so many people are not aware that he was every bit as talented with an acoustic.
  6. “New Again,” as performed by Brad Paisley, easily makes the ten best guitar acoustic songs. Brad Paisley has a way of bringing such emotion out of a guitar that the music touches everyone on a personal level.
  7. “3am” performed by Matchbox 20 contains the intricate fingering that makes a masterpiece. It is one of the songs that you don’t really care about the words, because the music has already captivated you.
  8. “Stairway to Heaven,” as performed by Led Zeppelin, has earned its place in any compilation of acoustic guitar songs. This piece is a beautiful song with its own harmony.
  9. “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan ushered in a whole new world in music with his skill and ability to address the current mindset of his generation. It has been said that he “tapped into a collective subconscious,” but to him, it was simply a reflection of the times.
  10. “Imagine” by John Lennon is not only a beautiful acoustic guitar song but also a statement of hope. This is a favorite song for the members of the population who embrace peace and environmental responsibility. 
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