10 Best Guitar Brands

If you're in the market for a new guitar, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the 10 best guitar brands. These brands have a solid reputation, and spending those big bucks on any of these brands will make you a satisfied customer.

  1. Fender  Fender is quintessentially understood to be the one of the best guitar brands, synonymous with guitar legends across all genres. Fender is a reliable, reasonably priced brand. You can’t go wrong with these guitars.

  2. Gibson It’s a no-brainer that Gibson is one of the best guitar brands. Gibson stands toe to toe with Fender as a guitar of choice across multiple genres, from high end studios to teen bedrooms.

  3. Danelectro. While looked upon by some consumers as a bargain label, one of the best guitar brands, Danelectro got its start as an extremely high-end manufacturer for guitarists like Pete Townsend back in the ‘60s. Today, Danelectro makes top-notch reissues at great prices, and still makes impressive custom guitars for those that can afford it.

  4. Epiphone. Epiphone is like the poor man’s Gibson. Epiphone is one of the best brands of guitars because they make guitars to fit all styles, all with a budget-minded approach. Epiphone offers some of the best guitar values around.

  5. Jackson With an edgy look, Jackson guitars are preferred by hard rock and heavy metal guitarists.

  6. Shecter While commonly known as Shecter, the full name of this popular guitar brand is actually Shecter Guitar Research. Beginning as a custom-only guitar shop, Shecter now mass produces guitars that are popular among heavy rock musicians. Most notable is the inclusion of Seymore Duncan pickups in many of Shecter’s models.

  7. Ibanez Ibanez is one of the best guitar brands on the market, and one of the few on this list that’s not based in the U.S. Based out of Japan, Ibanez has been known as a innovator in the guitar industry.  If you’re looking for a unique guitar, Ibanez may be the brand for you.

  8. Gretsch Gretsch guitars are best known for their use by retro-revivalist bands, such as The Stray Cats.  Gretsch guitars are perfect for musicians looking for that retro sound, along with the retro body style.

  9. G&L Leo Fender is a legend in the guitar business, as is self-evident with the massive popularity of Fender brand guitars.  But the little known brand G&L was Leo Fender’s masterpiece.   While similar to Fender guitars in many ways, G&L is known for its refined production and versatility.

  10. Washburn Washburn is one of the oldest  and best guitar brands still in operation.  While Washburn first enjoyed popularity during the Delta blues movement of the 1920s, they are still popular among punk and post-rock guitarists.

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