10 Best Guitar Pro Songs

There's no better way to learn how to rock than Guitar Pro, so here's the ten best Guitar Pro songs you can find out there. If you haven't used Guitar Pro, you're surely missing out. Guitar Pro is the tab editing software that lets you speed up, slow down, change keys, tunings, or otherwise mess with the songs you want to learn. It's the best thing to happen to tab since its inception. Grab your axe and open Guitar Pro, because these are the ten best Guitar Pro songs!

  1. Yngwie Malmsteen, "Amberdawn." What makes this one of the best Guitar Pro songs is the fact that you can slow that opening riff down to a digestible pace before playing it at full speed. In fact, you can even reveal all of Yngwie's masterful secrets using this method!
  2. Guns N' Roses, "Sweet Child O' Mine." You're living under a rock if you've never heard this, and just plain dumb if you've never wanted to play it! For that very reason, this is one of the best guitar pro songs to not only play a long to, but also to tab out yourself!
  3. Danzig, "I'm the One." This bluesy ballad has about three riffs, and it's one of those that will take you longer to learn by ear than to just look at a tab. Playing guitar is all about maximizing time, and someone has already put this together for you in a nice little Guitar Pro file!
  4. Dokken,"Alone Again." This song is another great Guitar Pro cut because you can skip through all the verse/chorus crap and get right to where you want to be-the solo! Plus you can slow it down and learn it in no time.
  5. Metallica,"Four Horsemen." Like "Alone Again," Metallica's "Four Horsemen" really benefits from the Guitar Pro treatment because learning this awesome solo is made super easy!
  6. Motörhead, "Ace of Spades." One of the best rock songs out there makes an equally great Guitar Pro song! Those bends during the verse can be tricky to nail down, so be sure to maximize your technique by playing it a bit slower at first.
  7. Black Sabbath,"Black Sabbath." The church of the diminished fifth! There's really not much that's technical about this song, so it's a perfect opportunity to work on your sight reading by playing along with the Guitar Pro file.
  8. Mercyful Fate,"Evi." If you've played Metallica's version of Guitar Hero, you've probably long mastered this song by now. Well armchair rock star, it's time to tackle the real thing! One of the best Guitar Hero songs turned into one of the best Guitar Pro songs!
  9. Survivor,"Eye of the Tiger." Everyone loves jokes with talent, and being able to play "Eye of the Tiger" is just that! There's no better way to taunt your band mates as they try to learn new techniques.
  10. Wild Cherry,"Play That Funky Music." Now here's a good idea, one of the worst songs ever turned into the best Guitar Pro song ever and played with a lot of gain. When some tricksters tackled this, it was actually internet gold for awhile. Guitar Pro even makes being an internet superstar easy!
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