10 Best Gun Fights In Movies

You wanted the 10 best gun fights in movies and we've got them. If you love heart pounding, bullet slinging action then you don't want to miss these scenes.

  1. “The Matrix”- Lobby shoot out.  This gun fight is the quintessential movie shoot out. Throwing caution and physics to the wind, Neo and Trinity break into a highly secured building to save their captured leader. What follows is an intense shoot out set to a wicked techno beat.

  2.  “The Way of the Gun”- Final showdown.  Another gun fight on the top 10 list that pits the heroes against seemingly impossible odds. “The Way of the Gun” might be a hard movie to follow at times, but one thing is absolutely clear: If you love shoot outs, this movie delivers in spades.  In the final gun fight you've got Ryan Phillippe and Benicio Del Torro laying down the law on a gang of men led by James Caan.  This gun fight easily earns its place in the top 10.

  3. “Heat”- Bank heist shoot out.  Four bank robbers against an army of cops gives you one of the most memorable gunfights in movie history. Heart pumping action, assault rifles, and a car chase make this scene a fantastic example of cinematic genius. What really hits you hardest is the sound. Try watching this scene in surround sound with the volume up and you’ll be ducking for cover yourself.

  4. “Tombstone”- Shoot out at the OK Corral. This list just wouldn’t be complete without a good old fashioned showdown. Nothing fancy here, just six shooters at high noon, Wild West style. Not mention Doc Holiday on the shotgun, making this a classic gun fight any action-lover can appreciate.

  5. "The Matrix: Revolutions"- Club Hell. Gravity defying stunts combined with plenty of guns for everyone. In true Matrix style, Morpheus, Trinity and Seraph face off against a group of leather clad thugs who can walk on the ceiling. With the help of some wire-fu and bullet time action, the heroes take down the thugs in short order, though they seem to do more damage to the surrounding concrete than anything else

  6. “The Boondock Saints”- There Was A Fire Fight! Connor, Murphy and Rocco against one mysterious man with six guns known only as Il Duce. This fight ranks in the top 10 gunfights for good reason. The soundtrack and Willem Dafoe’s acting make this scene a truly great piece of cinema. This is one intense shoot out, with plenty of bullets to go around. 

  7. “District 9”- Breaking into MNU headquarters. Sure the guns might be the stuff of science fiction, but alien technology that  turns your opponent into bloody giblets surely deserves a place in the gun fight hall of fame. This gunfight is the perfect example of how even the most unlikely heroes can kick serious butt with the right arsenal.

  8. “3:10 To Yuma”- Get to the Train. A Wild west shoot out with one very important lesson: don’t get in Christian Bale’s way when he’s got a train to catch.  Dan Evans (Bale) has to escort infamous criminal Ben Wade  to a prison train bound for Yuma, but Wade’s former criminal posse isn’t making it easy.  Dan Evans doesn’t back down, even when the bullets start flying and he’s one against many.

  9. "No Country For Old Men"- Motel Shootout. Short and sweet, this gunfight made it on the list because of two little words: Suppressed Shotgun. Anton Chigurh is ruthless, deadly, and brutally efficient. His hapless opponents never had a chance.

  10. “The Book of Eli”- Defending the Book. A relative newcomer, that doesn’t make the action in “The Book of Eli” any less awesome. Playing a lone wanderer, Denzel Washington must protect the last copy of The Bible in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  When a gang of thugs led by a power hungry Gary Oldman try to take the book, things get violent.  The action might be a little over the top, but that doesn’t make watching Denzel Washington mow down a group of  raiders any less entertaining, and earns this gunfight its place in the top 10.





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