10 Best Gym Chains in America

 For those who are looking for a good place to workout, we have compiled a list of the 10 best gym chains in America. Each of these gym chains offers the utmost in services and amenities to its members.

  1. Equinox – As the clear leader in our list of 10 best gym chains, Equinox offers unparalleled service in an unsurpassed environment. Equinox gyms feature all of the perks from towel service to full cafes in many of their facilities. An obsession with cleanliness and working equipment also places Equinox at the lead of 10 best gym chains.
  2. David Barton Gym – Though the David Barton Gym chain is small, with only a handful of clubs around the country, its innovative approach to wellness makes it a superb choice as one of America’s 10 best gym chains. Each David Barton Gym is an architectural masterpiece, making members actually want to come work out. Add in live Djs and luxury bath products and it’s easy to see why David Barton Gym has made it into the 10 best gym chains.
  3. 24 Hour Fitness – With facilities open around the clock, 24 Hour Fitness is an excellent addition to our list of America’s 10 best gym chains. 24 Hour Fitness features a number of different membership types to fit any budget.
  4. YMCA – Due to the sheer number of clubs available, YMCA makes its way onto the list of America’s 10 best gym chains.  The YMCA offers affordable fitness options without any pretention.
  5. The Sports Club/LA – The Sports Club/LA is a chain of highly exclusive gyms located primarily in California and New York. Each of the Sports Club/LA facilities features an array of amenities that will make any fitness enthusiast drool. If you’re looking to swap sweat with celebrities, The Sports Club/LA is the place to join.
  6. Crunch – Each Crunch fitness is as unique as the neighborhood it resides in. Crunch wants to make working out fun for its members and offers an upbeat atmosphere with a staggering array of classes.
  7. Gold’s Gym – Gold’s Gym is the perfect place for people serious about fitness. While the emphasis at many Gold’s Gym locations is on weight lifting, a decent amount of cardio equipment is available too. Gold’s Gym has franchises throughout the country.
  8. Lifetime Fitness – With limited enrollment and state of the art facilities, Lifetime Fitness claims a place on our 10 best gym chains list.  Lifetime Fitness prides itself on making providing expert assistance to all members and creating a lasting relationship that makes members feel welcomed.
  9. Wellbridge – Offering a diverse selection of upscale gyms, Wellbridge is an excellent addition to our list of 10 best gym chains. Wellbridge gyms are located throughout the country and have excellent reciprocal agreements for members that are traveling to areas without a Wellbridge facility.  While each Wellbridge facility offers a unique variety of amenities, members never have to worry about getting a good workout.
  10. MVP Sports Clubs – A relatively small chain, MVP Sports Clubs makes its way onto the 10 best gym chains list because they feature every amenity its members could ever desire. MVP Sports Clubs have medical offices, pro shops, restaurants and even Olympic ice skating rinks. Each MVP Sports Club also features enough equipment to ensure members never need to wait to workout.
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