10 Best Hamburger Restaurants In Houston

With all the burger joints in the area, you can't help but wonder what the 10 best hamburger restaurants in Houston are. Texas is known for it's 100 percent, huge, juicy and delicious beef. In Houston they have some of the best hamburger joints in all of Texas. These are ten of the top burgers in Houston.

  1. Pappas Burger One of the ten best hamburger restaurants in Houston is Pappas Burger. If you're looking for 'Texas-sized' burgers, they're here! It's got fire-grilled, half-pounders. The burgers are all made from scratch using all-American beef topped with cheeses, fresh veggies, and sauces. You can also choose whatever extras you want to make it the perfect burger.
  2. Goode Company Hamburgers and Taqueria They have great Mesquite grilled beef and chicken burgers. They also offer pico de gallo, tacos, enchiladas, and other Tex-Mex delicacies. This is why it's one of the ten best burger restaurants in Houston!
  3. Lankford Grocery & Market This restaurant originally started out as a "mom and pop" grocery store in 1938. Then they introduced their burgers in the 1970's. Visitors love the restaurant's funky decor and great tasting burgers. If you like to each at a place that makes you feel like home, this is the place for you! No wonder it's one of the ten best burger restaurants in Houston!
  4. Prince's Hamburgers Take a trip back in time at this 1950's inspired burger restaurant. You'll enjoy the burgers and onion rings while listening to Fats Domino singing in the background. It's family-friendly, so bring all the kids!
  5. Bubba's Texas Burger Shack If you want great burgers for the price of fast food burgers, Bubba's is the place. With the potato salad you won't need French fries. Add a Blue Bell ice cream float to it, and you'll feel like you're in heaven! For big, juicy Texas-style burgers, it's Bubba's!
  6. Cliff's Grill This burger restaurant is a hidden gem for many. They have over twelve types of burger to choose from, including gourmet burgers. It's conveniently located next to the Houston Medical Center, so it's easy to find. Try the Murphy and the Kifta burgers from the gourmet menu. They even serve Mediterranean food at Cliff's.
  7. Sparkle's Hamburger Spot You can get a huge, delicious burger for about $3 at this place. The burgers are so big, you can actually skip breakfast and eat here for lunch. If you like spicy food, the jalapeño burger is just for you! Yes, another winner in the 10 best burger restaurants in Houston.
  8. Hot Dog Shop Though this restaurant's specialty is serving all types of hot dogs, it also serves half-pound burgers! How's that for a big, juicy burger? If you're still hungry after that, try the Texas macaroni and cheese. You can also shoot some pool while your there.
  9. Otto's Hamburgers This restaurant has been around since 1950. They've got some great BBQ there, but watch out for the burgers! The burgers are made with double the meat and double the cheese! It's a popular spot for locals.
  10. Champ-Burger If you like 100 percent beef burgers, this is the place for you. Huge, mouth watering burgers and onion rings, burgers with chili and cheese, burgers with a ham slice, and other styles. You'll be here for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
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