10 Best Handheld Gadgets

The 10 best handheld gadgets are ruling today’s world. We all live in a fast paced gadget enhanced world, these handheld gadgets are must haves for everyone trying to stay up to date in this fast paced world.

  1. Smart phones are essential handheld gadgets for any adult these days. No matter what kind of smart phone you prefer to use they all have amazing programs to help simplify our busy lives. Some of the most popular smart phones are also ever growing because of the applications you can now have on them. This makes the simplicity to your life endless and ultra customizable.
  2. MP3 players are one of the best and most important handheld gadgets to help keep us sane. Keeping the music that you love at your fingertips allows for you to always have your favorite play list within arms reach. Nothing can cheer you up or help you relax like the perfect play list can.
  3. E-Readers are taking the world by storm and have became one of the best handheld gadgets of all time! Not only do e-readers allow you to take any books that you have everywhere you go in a tiny compact electronic device, but they also save you money on purchasing books and are a greener way to read.
  4. One of the best handheld gadgets that help you stay connected are Netbooks. For those of you who are confused about notebooks / laptops and netbooks is mainly the size. A netbook is a mini laptop which does mean that it does not have all of the same features. It does mean that it is small, light and easy to take anywhere.
  5. Digital cameras are handheld gadgets that will always be considered the best to keep close by. Nothing is better than catching all of those perfect memories on camera so that you can always remember them and relive them. The digital camera was one of the best gadgets ever made, they are constantly being perfected and made smaller.
  6. GPS is one of the best handheld gadgets ever invented! Not all GPS’ are handhelds but the ones that are handheld are still highly accurate and quite convenient. GPS’ are gadgets that every driver should keep handy because they keep you from being lost or stranded.
  7. Mini games are some of the best handheld gadgets for you to have! What are you supposed to do when you are waiting for the bus, why not pull out your keychain games and have some fun! These are simple cheap gadgets to give you a bit of fun while sitting around bored.
  8. Handheld gadgets have of course mastered their way to portable gaming systems. One of the best things about handheld gadgets is their ability to really take electronics on the road with you. Most gaming systems now have their own personal gaming systems that sync up to their console systems and games.
  9. Portable weather stations are some of the best handheld gadgets to have because mother nature is quite unpredictable. Portable weather stations come in quite a variety of different shapes sizes and of course with a diverse amount of features. The main point of all of these gadgets is to give you a quick look at your local weather no matter if you are traveling or just sitting at home.
  10. Portable handheld video cameras are great one of the best handheld gadgets these days. Like with most of these handheld gadgets you have full size video cameras, but the handheld digital cameras offer a sleek small video camera with the same high quality. Most handheld video cameras are the same size or smaller than your average digital camera.
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