10 Best Hard Rock Ballads

The rock genre has some of the best hard rock ballads known to mankind. The groups known for the guitar solos, head-banging ways and hard core rock music all have a softer side. The term rock ballad is defined as having a way of the singer to express emotions and overtake the listener calmly without knowledge. Almost every rock, metal or hair band album has at least on signature power ballad to share with fans.

  1. "Love Hurts"- First performed by The Everly Brothers in 1960, this song became popular in 1974 when performed by Nazareth. The song was an international hit and was the first successful hit by the hard rock band. While the song never hit number one in the United States, it did break into the top ten songs. It's a classic hard rock ballad.
  2.  "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing"-  This song showed the softer side of rock band Aerosmith when the song was released in 1998 and was known as a power ballad. The number one song held into its first place spot for four weeks. The song brought a new generation to the rock genre when the song was released.
  3. "Good Riddance"-  The song was released on Green Day's third album in 1997. The song has a mellow beat and shows the band's variation of vocals. A little known fact is that a second version was recorded of this song.
  4. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"- Performed by the 1980's hair band Poison, this song is the ultimate power ballad. It was released in 1988, and was the band's first and only number one hit. It reached number one status on Christmas Eve of 1988 and stayed at number one for three more weeks. The power ballad caused quite a riff among Poison band members because they didn't like the song or want to perform it.
  5. "Love Song"- Another power ballad performed by the hair band Tesla was released in 1989 and hit number one soon after being scene on MTV. Normally a heavy metal band, Tesla let the proverbial guard down to perform this hard rock ballad.  
  6. "Close Your Eyes Forever"-  A fabulous hard rock ballad duet performed by hard rock singer Ozzy Osbourne and hard rock songstress Lita Ford was released on Ford's self titled album in 1988. The rhythm and vocals of this song really bring out an alter-ego of the bat-eating Osbourne and definitely shows a sweeter side of the hard rocker Ford.
  7. "Alone"- Performed by Heart, sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson in 1987 on the band's ninth album. The hard rock ballad was re-released numerous times over the years by singers like Celine Dion and country songstress Carrie Underwood. It is known as Heart's biggest hit to date.
  8. "When It's Love"- Even hard rock band Van Halen has a mellow side. It was proven when the band released this hit single in 1988. The 1980's hard rock band known for introducing the synthesizer to the world of rock and dancing the night away showed their power ballad side with this hit single.
  9. "Every Breath You Take"- This was one of the biggest hits in 1983 and was performed by the Police. The song spent eight weeks at number one and  won song of the year in 1984. The song is known as the band's signature song and was written during Police lead singer Sting's marriage breakdown.
  10. "Stairway to Heaven"- Released in 1971 by English rock band Led Zeppelin, the eight minute long song became is one of the best hard rock ballads of all time. The song is infamous for the guitar acoustics and building tempo throughout. It was recorded before the electric guitar was introduced the the music industry.
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