10 Best Hard Rock Indie Songs Of All Time

With such a huge amount of amazing music from the genre, it is nearly impossible to pick the 10 best hard rock indie songs of all time and please every fan of the genre. It is incredibly diverse, with great and classic albums released more often than almost any other genre out there. The hard rock indie genre does have some stand outs, and hopefully this list will name a few of them.

  1. Sunny Day Real Estate – Every Shining Time You Arrive. One of the most classic indie rock songs ever by one of the most well remembered indie bands of all time. This song has been a mainstay on mixtapes for girls you want to kiss since it came out.
  2. Cursive – Art is Hard. Tim Kasher isn't just one of the best songwriters in indie music, he is one of the best songwriters of all time. Art is Hard is a perfect example of the sardonic and brilliant introspective lyrics that Cursive is known for.
  3. Rainer Maria – Tinfoil. Most fans of indie rock have most likely been sad while listening to this song after a break up at least once. While Rainer Maria is one of the most underrated bands around, Tinfoil happens to have one of the most quoted lyrics in indie music.
  4. Minus the Bear – Fine + 2 Points. A relatively new song considering the powerhouses on this list, Minus the Bear have carved an indie niche out with songs that mostly revolve around drinking with girls, driving with girls, doing cocaine with girls, and going to the beach, probably with girls. Some people call this one dimensional, I just call it jealousy.
  5. Thingy – Cut. Thingy were an incredibly underrated 90s act that should be remembered way more fondly than the regular nonsense that people indentify with the 90s musical sound. Cut is a song that takes the distilled noise that the 90s were and focuses it in a way that has to be heard to believe.
  6. Modest Mouse – Breakthrough. Modest Mouse's Breakthrough is a passionate song that resonates with many people.
  7. Superchunk – Hello Hawk. Superchunk is remembered very fondly by the people who have listened to them for a reason. Hello Hawk may be their most recognizable song, but it is also their best.
  8. Built to Spill – Stop the Show. Built to Spill is indie rock royalty and, as such, one of their best songs had to make this list. Stop the Show is both sparse and exciting and really shows off their songwriting ability.
  9. Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. In the Aeroplance Over the Sea is the titular song from Neutral Milk Hotel's opus. The odds are this album is in someone you know's CD collection, because it should be in everyone's CD collection.
  10. Engine Down – Depth Perception. Engine Down liked to experiment with more hard rock sounds in their indie and it shows in Depth Perception, a great song from one of their best releases.
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