10 Best Hate Songs

Anyone with anything to be angry about will want to rock out to the 10 best hate songs. All the times I’ve thought about my ex these were the 10 best hate songs that reminded me just how much I want to hit her with a baseball bat.

  1. The very best hate song is “Congratulations I Hate You”.  This awesome rock song is by the band Alesana. It starts out with some angry diatribe and then kicks off into the intense screamo lyrics.
  2. The next of the best hate songs comes from the daughter of Elvis. “Idiot” is an awesome hate song by Lisa Marie Presley. It’s particularly hateful how she says shes as happy for you as a cockroach in her boot
  3. Coming in third on the best hate songs list is “Nightmare” from Avenged Sevenfold.  “Nightmare” is one of their best hate songs and the drums on the track  always get me amped up and ready to fight.
  4. There is not a song title around that deserves to be on the list of best hate songs more than “I Fucking Hate You”. Godsmack’s hit rock song title says it all. The idea is as simple as can be, but the music has a great complex instrumental to it.
  5. “She Fucking Hates Me” is dead center on the best hate songs list. A lot of the time the ones you hate also hate you back. This is the most essential song for your hate-hate situation with your ex. Puddle of Mudd has a real hit with this one.
  6. “My Give A Damn Is Busted” is the only country song on the list of the best hate songs.  Jo Dee Messina has an excellent voice and she sings about something that makes me hate most often. So often i think about the title of this song when i have to listen to someone’s damn pity party.
  7. Scars of Life have an excellent hate song called “Bullet With Your Name On It”.  You cannot have a discussion about the 10 best hate songs without mentioning this track. How many people do you hate that you have a bullet with their name on it? Just make sure the bullet stays at home.
  8. The least known of the best hate songs is “Fuck You”. The Headstones are an incredibly talented band  and never get their due, even though they put out one of the best hate songs ever made. You might have a hard time tracking the song down, but once you find it it is bound to be a favorite.
  9. “Fuck The World” is the greatest rap hate song. Tupac Shakur was always known for the extreme amounts of passion he put into all his songs and no song shows it better than this. This song covers anyone you could possibly hate for those days where everyone gets the finger and no one seems worth a damn.
  10. The last of the best hate songs is “Crying Like A Bitch”. This is actually the second song on the list that is by Godsmack, but i could not make the list without including this song. The song is supposedly about a veteran rocker, but it’s a good song for any of those damn annoying people that wont shut the hell up with their whining.
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