10 Best Healthy Snacks To Eat

It’s the New Year, and you can start your diet resolutions by learning the best healthy snacks to eat. The best healthy snacks to eat offer low sugar and calories, high protein, and will fill you up until your next meal. Here are the Top 10 Best Healthy Snacks to Eat:

1.       Fresh Veggies and DipOkay, so you haven’t liked veggies since you were a kid. But they are one of the best healthy snacks to eat, and here’s how to make them yummy – dips! Get a variety of low-cal dipping choices, like low-fat ranch dressing, hummus, or fat free sour cream, and all of a sudden, veggies are delicious again. Plus, the (low) fat content of the dip can help keep you full for awhile.

2.       Low Fat Yogurt and FruitBeware when buying yogurt, because while it can seem like one of the best healthy snacks to eat, some brands are full of sugar and artificial ingredients. But if you read labels carefully and choose low-fat yogurts with low sugar content, this can be a great choice. Add in some fresh berries or apples, and all of a sudden, you really do have one of the best healthy snacks to eat.

3.       Whole Grain Crackers and CheeseThis is one of the best healthy snacks for kids, and it’s good for you too. Get whole grain crackers (preferably ones that say “100% Whole Wheat”) and some low-fat cheese for a healthy, delicious, and filling snack. One of the best ways to eat cheese in perfect snack-size portions is to get string cheese. It’s low-fat, low-calorie, and actually kind of fun to eat. Enjoy!

4.       Angel Food CakeWant your snack to feel decadent but secretly healthy? Try angel food cake with fruit! Angel food cake is low-calorie but tasty, and if you add in some fresh fruit, you’ll get some added vitamins and antioxidants at the same time.

5.       PopcornPopcorn is one of the best healthy snacks to eat. Avoid the movie-theater kind, which is loaded with fat and calories. Instead, look for the microwavable kind that says “Fat Free” or “Low Fat.” The portions are already controlled for you, and it is a yummy snack that will help you feel full until your next meal.

6.       Fruit SmoothiesFruit smoothies are definitely a great snack, and they can be one of the best healthy snacks to eat out there.  Control your ingredients – use low-fat milk and not ice cream as your base, and fill it with healthy fresh fruit. You’ll stay full and get in some important nutrients too.

7.       NutsWithout a doubt, nuts are one of the best healthy snacks to eat. They are full of good fats, fiber, and antioxidants, and with enough protein to help tide you over until dinner. Nuts are very high in calories, though, so be sure to only eat a small handful at a time.

8.       CerealCereal doesn’t just have to be for breakfast. Choose a low-sugar version with low-fat milk and suddenly you have a healthy snack with fiber, protein and nutrients. Be sure to control your portion, though – only eat ¾ cup to 1 cup of cereal.

9.       Apples and Peanut ButterPeanut butter can be dangerous, because it is high in calories and fat, but if you eat an apple with a tablespoon or two of peanut butter spread on it, you suddenly have one of the best healthy snacks to eat. Delicious!

10.   BagelsA large bagel by itself can be a snacking land mine, but with the right choices it can be one of the best healthy snacks to eat. Aim for whole wheat varieties and eat only half of a regular-sized bagel or one of the mini kinds. With a little bit of low-fat cream cheese or a thin spread of peanut butter, you’ll have a tasty, healthy snack!

When you make the right choices, snacking can be a part of your healthy eating plan and can help you lose weight! Happy snacking!

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