10 Best Heavy Metal Albums 2008

The 10 best heavy metal albums 2008 span a number of loud styles, from thrash and stoner rock to experimental black metal. The best heavy metal albums of 2008 come from artists from around the world; the US, Europe, and even Japan are all represented. Here they are, devil horns, riffs, and all, the 10 best heavy metal albums, 2008 style.

  1. "Meanderthal" by Torche – These Georgia stoner-rockers made a big pop move with his album, which many metalheads might doubt should top the list of the 10 best heavy metal albums released in 2008. Until they hear the riffs, and how crushingly heavy it is while still delivering hooks, and then they'll bow down to their new jawdropping masters.
  2. "Buried Death" by Coffins – These Japanese doom death metal heavyweights make some of the most evil music ever. Their 2008 album, second on our list of best heavy metal albums of 2008, is the best yet.
  3. "Twilight of the Thunder God" by Amon Amarth – Viking metal is made for drinking meads, capturing maidens, and slaying foes with sword and battle axe. This album will soundtrack their next invasion.
  4. "Assassins" by Nachtmystium – Subtitled "Black Meddle: Part i," this album from Chicago's BM masters throws black metal into a stew with prog rock, goth, and other styles and comes up with something like the Pink Floyd of Satanic screech. It is easily the most experimental of the best heavy metal albums of 2008.
  5. "Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God" by Blacklisted – Philadelphia hardcore heavyweights deliver an artful attack that's less than half-an-hour long, but sticks with the listener long after. It is the most punk entry on our list of the best heavy metal albums of 2008.
  6. "Live the Storm" by Disfear – Swedish thrashers deliver a political fireburst with the help of the former lead singer of At the Gates. The result: one of the best heavy metal albums of 2008.
  7. "Watershed" by Opeth – These Swedish masters of epic, progressive death metal consistently appear on best heavy metal albums lists. 2008 is no different.
  8. "The Ruiner" by Made Out of Babies – The lone female-fronted band on our list of the 10 best heavy metal albums 2008 has to offer is Made Out of Babies. Frontwoman Julie Christmas is a cabaret-like star, fronting a band that sounds like impending doom.
  9. "Conqueror" by the Gates of Slumber – Slow and low is the tempo of this doom masterpiece. If you like your riffs crushing and plodding, this is the disc for you.
  10. "Seizures in Barren Praise" by Trap Them – A mix of punk, grind and metal, Trap Them make punishing yet artful and lyrical music. They close out our list of the 10 best heavy metal albums of 2008.
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