10 Best Heavy Metal Albums Of The 90’s

The 10 best heavy metal albums of the '90s are composed of a wide-variety of different genres under the labels of rock/metal. These albums defined much of the '90s with their heavy metal ballads, rhythmic, head-banging classics, and hit singles that you’ll remember for years to come. Without further ado, here’s the ten best heavy metal albums of the 90’s; get ready to rock!

  1. Metallica-“Metallica” Metallic’a self-titled album is one of their most popular albums. This album represents a shift from their heavy metal days to a look that is both darker and more contemporary. This album includes many memorable songs such as "Enter Sandman", "Nothing Else Matters", and "Wherever I May Roam".
  2. Alice in Chains-“Alice in Chains” Another self-titled album, this one by Alice in Chains features their trade-mark grunge sound combined with their dark style. This was one of the last works with Layne Staley as vocalist, arguably in his finest performance. Some of the most memorable songs off this album include "Frogs, "Over Now…", and "Again".
  3. Ozzy Osbourne-“No More Tears” “No More Tears,” probably Ozzy’s last killer album, features some of his most killer tracks with Zakk Wydle on guitar. This album has haunting vocals and great musicianship featuring such hits as "No More Tears", "Mr. Tinkertrain", and "Zombie Stomp".
  4. Rammstein-“Sehnsucht” Rammstein’s second album, “Sehnsucht,” is still an old-favorite to faithful members of the band. This heavy metal killer features some of Rammstein’s most memorable songs, such as "Du Hast", "Buch Dick", and "Engel".
  5. Dir en Grey-“Gauze” Another foreign favorite, “Gauze” was Dir en Grey’s debut album in the late 90’s. With the help of Yoshiki’s production, lead-member of the hit metal hair band X Japan, Dir en Grey burst onto the scene with such memorable songs as "Akuro no Oka", "Mazohyst of Decadence", and "Cage".
  6. Cradle of Filth-“Cruelty and the Beast” “Cruelty and the Beast” is one of the finest albums by heavy metal band Cradle of Filth. This album features their older sound with their trademark story-rendition through each song. Some of the most memorable songs off this album include "Cruelty and the Beast","Lustword",  "Wargasm", and "Beneath the Hallowing Stars".
  7. AC/DC-“The Razor’s Edge” Another killer album by an old favorite, “Razor’s Edge” features some of AC/DC’s most popular songs for new followers of the band. Some of these songs include "Thunderstruck", "The Razor’s Edge", and "Money Talks".
  8. Metallica-“Load” With their second appearance on our list, “Load” is another dramatic-shift in Metallica’s music. Moving more from their metal hair days to heavy metal glory, “Load” features such memorable tracks as "Bleeding Me", "The Outlaw Torn", and "Ain’t My Bitch".
  9. Black Sabbath-“Dehumanizer” With Dio’s last appearance in this heavy metal legend, “Dehumanizer” is a stark return to Sabbath’s earlier days of dark and heavy music. Some of the most memorable songs off their album include "Sins of the Father", "Buried Alive", and "TV Crimes".
  10. Guns ‘N Roses-“Use Your Illusion I & II” The final album includes a dual-release from Guns ‘N Roses. These are arguably the last relevant releases from the killer metal band from the '80s. Some of the most popular songs on these albums include "Civil War", "November Rain", and "Live and Let Die".
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