10 Best Heavyweight Boxers Of All Time

Naming the 10 best heavyweight boxers of all time is not an easy task. There are several factors to be considered. Do you go purely by the win or loss record, or do you consider ticket sales, gross salary earned, or length of career? Whatever the measuring stick may be, these men are certainly among the best heavyweight boxers of all time.

  1. Muhammad Ali:  56 wins, 37 KO’s,  5 losses  It’s very hard to argue against Ali as the best heavyweight boxer of all time. A three time world heavyweight champion, he also claimed the title “Sportsman of the Century” in 1999. The self proclaimed “Greatest of All Time” was also the first to win the title three times. One has to wonder how he might have done if not for his incarceration for refusing induction.
  2. Rocky Marciano:  49 wins, 43 KO’s, 0 losses  Marciano’s career as a heavyweight boxer is easily defined by its record; he is the one fighter to retire undefeated including a win over Joe Louis.
  3. Jack Johnson:  71 wins, 40 KO’s, 13 losses  Jack Johnson, as the first ever African-American Heavyweight champion; smashed the colour barrier that divided boxing. With his fourteenth round TKO against Tommy Burns of Canada (he was refused title shots in the US), Johnson became the heavyweight boxing champ and paved the way for many of the other men on this list.
  4. Joe Louis:  66 wins, 52 KO’s, 3 losses  “The Brown Bomber” held the world Heavyweight title from June of 1937 to June of 1948, with an astounding twenty-five successful title defenses during his reign. Louis was inducted into the boxing hall of fame in 1990.
  5. George Foreman:  76 wins, 68 KO’s, 5 losses  George Foreman is a boxing living legend. In addition to his numerous world titles, Foreman made one of the most successful comebacks in sports history. In 1994 at the age of 45, Foreman defeated Michael Moorer to regain the Heavyweight boxer crown.
  6. Joe Frazier: 32 wins, 27 KO’s, 4 losses  “Smoking Joe” Frazier never set out to set the boxing world aflame. He began going to the gym to get himself into shape. But, one thing led to another, and he began competing. After the “Thrilla in Manilla”, Frazier proved he was indeed one of the greatest heavyweight boxers himself.
  7. Mike Tyson: 50 wins, 44 KO’s, 5 losses  Mike Tyson became the youngest undisputed Heavyweight champion of the world, claiming the World Boxing Council strap at the tender age of twenty. Relatively small for a heavyweight boxer, Tyson battled with punching power, knocking out more than 90% of the men he faced.
  8. Lennox Lewis: 41 wins, 32 KO’s, 2 losses  Standing 6’5”, Lewis was a determined fighter. He held various titles for a combined total of fifteen years.
  9. Larry Holmes:  69 wins, 44 KO’s, 6 losses  As a professional, Holmes beat a who’s who of great fighters like: Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton, and Gerry Cooney. With twenty  successful title defenses, he is second only to Joe Lewis
  10. Floyd Patterson:  55 wins, 40 KO’s, 8 losses  After Rocky Marciano retired in 1956, Patterson took the mantle as top heavyweight boxer at the tender age of twenty-one years old.
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