10 Best Heist Movies

These 10 movies are the best heist movies around. Almost everyone dreams of being a part of a grand, well executed heist. Of course, the likelihood of getting caught keeps those dreams from becoming reality, but that hasn't stopped many screenwriters from making some really excellent movies about it.

  1. "Ocean's 11" Featuring an all star cast and an over the top plot to rob a Las Vegas casino, this movie earns top honors in the realm of heist movies. It's funny, it's clever, and it's stylish.
  2. "Reservoir Dogs" While most heist movies are applauded for their clever protagonists who always manage to slip away with the goods, this movie takes another angle. Quentin Tarantino shows us just what happens when a bank robbery goes wrong. When a group of men who don't know each other are assembled to rob a bank, things don't go as planned and we see the aftermath as the criminals try to sort out what went wrong and who's to blame.
  3. "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" A comedy of errors almost worthy of Shakespeare, Guy Ritchie's film about a group of guys in desperate need of some quick cash is pretty awesome. After losing a rigged game of high stakes poker to a notoriously temperamental porn king, a group of four friends has just one week to come up with half a million pounds. After that, it gets pretty hard to keep track of who is stealing from whom and for what purpose, but it's wildly entertaining all the same. It just might require a second viewing to get all the details straight.
  4. "Inside Man" Clive Owen plays a devious bank robber with a plan that can't fail in this awesome heist movie. Just when you think you've got the scheme figured out he turns the tables and shows you just what it takes to pull off the perfect crime. You'll never see it coming.
  5. "Catch Me If You Can" Though Leonardo Dicaprio doesn't have a grand plan to rob a bank, his character, Frank Abagnale still earns his place as a brilliant criminal mastermind. What's even better, is this movie is based on a true story. A brilliant con artist dodging the law, Abagnale is clever, resourceful, and always a step ahead of the man charged with bringing him in.
  6. "Heat" Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, an actor match up that is almost unbeatable. De Niro, playing a hard ball criminal in for one last score, shows that when finesse fails, having a lot of big guns is just as good.
  7. "The Italian Job" This 2003 remake of a classic stars Mark Wahlberg as a man betrayed and looking for revenge. What follows is a slick film almost reminiscent of "Ocean's 11" with more car chases. It's fast paced, fun and it's got Charlize Theron.
  8. "Suicide Kings" This is a heist movie so clever that you don't even realize it's a heist movie until the very end. Don't take that to mean it's not a well done piece of cinema. When a group of desperate friends kidnap a notorious crime boss and hold him for ransom, things get out of control very fast. A script riddled with comedy, drama, and suspense and a cast that pulls it off with aplomb make this one of the 10 best heist movies of all time.
  9. "The Score" De Niro plays opposite Edward Norton in a movie about a retired thief in for one last job. Norton, playing a young hotshot, gets more than he bargained for when he tries to cut De Niro out of the share and take the prize home for himself.
  10. "Entrapment" Sean Connery is an aging art thief. Catherine Zeta Jones is a young investigator who tries to bring him down by posing as a partner in crime. But in a good heist movie, it's never that simple. That's the case in "Entrapment," where everyone's true motives are hidden and it's a race to see who can keep one step ahead of the other.
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