10 Best High School Football Stadiums In The U.S.

High school football stadiums hold great memories for millions of Americans, and finding the 10 best high school football stadiums in the U.S. is not difficult. There are extremely large and popular high schools that offer football stadiums that can compete with the big leaguers, giving high school football fans a new edge each year in an already exciting game: supporting the youth of today.

  1. Toney Burger Center. The Toney Burger Center is the largest high school football stadium in Central Texas, and in the U.S. as a whole. Texas is home to great high schools and well-known teams, with this great stadium serving well.
  2. A.C. Bible Memorial Stadium. This is the second largest of the high school stadiums in Central Texas, able to hold 12,000 fans. There is great history in this great U.S. high school football stadium, leading to popularity and several team-housed games.
  3. Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium. Another football stadium within the great state of Texas, this U.S. high school stadium has a safe play turf capacity that holds 14,000 within the wonder of Tyler, Texas.
  4. Bazemore-Hyder Stadium. Another of the best high school stadiums for football in the U.S., this stadium is located in Georgia and has a turf capacity of 11,249 and seating capacity of 10,349, even offering reserved seating.
  5. Paul Brown Tiger Stadium. With a surface Astro Turf capacity of 17,000, this is another of the U.S.'s great high school stadiums. This football field offers great sight lines, with several thousand able to attend each game.
  6. Burleson Elk Stadium. This is a great stadium choice if you are looking for a tough and exciting game of football. Known to provide a prime field for great high school teams in Texas, you can always enjoy a great show and game.
  7. Sam Parker Field. Sam Parker Field is another of the best high school football stadiums in the U.S., with less seating and ground capacity than the other large ones, but offering several victories and surprising losses all on one great field.
  8. Ratliff Stadium. Also claimed to be the epicenter of Texas high school football, this is truly one of the best high school stadiums in the U.S. with a capacity of nearly 20,000. Witnessing several battles between the great high school teams of Texas, this is a great stadium to view some clean high school sports.
  9. Mustang Bowl. This high school stadium is located in Texas. The Mustang Bowl is huge, offering great seating and viewing from all sights and views.
  10. Allen Eagles Stadium. This football stadium will house thousands of spectators, with more than $60 million spent on a state-of-the-art stadium design and package, leaving Texas the master of high school football stadiums.
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