10 Best Hiking Trails In America

Finding a suitable hiking trail in the United States doesn’t have to be difficult if you know about the 10 best hiking trails in America beforehand. From the Appalachian Trail in Georgia to the Breakneck Ridge Trail in New York, there are many excellent trails in America to hike.

  1. Little Grand Canyon Trail. The Little Grand Canyon Trail, located in Illinois, is anything but little. This best hiking trail in America will lead you past 300-foot cliffs, alongside the Mississippi River valley and through a maze of wildflowers and tall hardwoods. The Little Grand Canyon Trail loops around for greater ease of travel, spans a total of 3.6 miles and is perfect for hikers of all ages to enjoy.
  2. Deep Creek. Located in sunny California, the Deep Creek trail is an approximate 12 miles out and back. Be sure to bring along a pair of swimming trunks as the invitingly warm Deep Creek hot springs can be found at the end of the trail.
  3. Big Creek Falls. Located less than an hour from Seattle, this best hiking trail in America has something to offer all hiking enthusiasts. Throughout this 10-mile trail you’ll encounter magnificent waterfalls and serene forests. If you have a dog be sure to bring him along as all dogs are welcome on the Big Creek Falls trail.
  4. Breakneck Ridge Trail. The Breakneck Ridge Trail, located in New York, is another one of the best hiking trails in America. This hiking trail is an approximate 9.6 miles in length and forms a loop. While this is perhaps one of the toughest hiking trails in America, it’s still one of the best as it offers hikers a view of the Hudson River, peaceful mixed forests to explore and beautiful wildflowers to gaze upon. Be sure to wear a sturdy pair of boots for this trail as it can be a bit strenuous to hike.
  5. Glacier Gorge. Located in Colorado, this hiking trail is an approximate 9.6 miles in length and takes the hiker up to 10,600 feet. Cascading waterfalls, serene lakes and beautiful wildflowers and wildlife await the hiker on the Glacier Gorge trail.
  6. Appalachian Trail in Georgia. Located in Georgia, the Appalachian Trail is perfect for the nature lover. The Appalachian Trail spans an approximate 2,100 miles from Georgia to Maine, with 75 miles of suitable hiking trails located in north Georgia.
  7. Havasu Canyon Trail. The Havasu Canyon Trail, located in Arizona, is approximately 20 total miles in length out and back. Throughout this best hiking trail in America you’ll encounter beautiful cascading waterfalls, pass over many clear blue and green creeks and experience rich displays of nature and wildlife.
  8. The Narrows of Zion Canyon. Located in Utah, the Narrows of Zion Canyon is another one of the best hiking trails in America. Coming in at 15.4 miles, this trail is perfect for the experienced hiker. Be sure to wear grip-enhanced shoes as the hiking trail frequently passes over slippery boulders.
  9. Big Devils Stairs. The Big Devils Stairs trail, located in Virginia, is perfect for the beginner or inexperienced hiker. This 5.4 mile out and back trail will lead you up 2,700 feet high, through a mixed forest and past a rest shelter. Be sure to bring along a camera as once you reach the end of the trail you’ll be able to view the beautiful valley and mountains beyond. 
  10. Indian Head Mountain Loop. Located in New York, the 7.5 mile Indian Head Mountain Loop trail is another one of the best hiking trails in America. This hiking trail will lead you up 500 foot cliffs and through patches of gorgeous wildflowers. Keep your eyes open on this trail as porcupines, deer and other wildlife greatly abound in this area.
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