10 Best Hiking Trails In Canada

The 10 best hiking trails in Canada are not necessarily the most difficult to find. Canada is a country rich in beauty making their wilderness and trails a delight to tackle.  Enjoy breathtaking views when hiking trails in Canada.

  1. West Coast Trail. Located near Bamfield, British Columbia, the West Coast Trail will give you the best of all worlds with beaches, rainforest, and cliffs. Hikers need to take precautionary measures to avoid being trapped by rising tides and prevent bear attacks. West Coast Trails tops the list of the best hiking trails in Canada.
  2. Skyline Trail. The Skyline Trail is in Jasper National Park in Alberta is and the best hiking trail in Canada for beginners. The scenery is amazing.
  3. Nut Point Trail. This easy trail in Lac La Ronge Provincial Park in Saskatewan is another beginning trail that is covered in blueberries during the springtime, but it does have a lot of bears, so take care to pack your food properly and to stay alert.
  4. Fort Dufferin Trail. This Manitoba trail is one of the best hiking trails if you want a challenge. Hikers will enjoy a spectacular view of the Red River and afterwards you can relax in the lodging in nearby Winnipeg.
  5. Boom Camp. Close to Blind River, Ontario, this hiking trail in Canada is mainly for intermediate hikers. You can see the coast and the trail varies between mud, rock, and gravel.
  6. Birch Brook Trails. Newfoundland has Birch Brook Trails, which were at one time used for cross country skiers, but are now a famous hiking site. The best in hiking trails in this part of Canada, Birch Brook Trails offers amazing plants that nature projects document.
  7. The Dobson Trail. This New Brunswick trail is the best place to go hiking if you are looking for an intense challenge. The nearest city is Riverview and hikers will enjoy the different trail surfaces.
  8. Ward's Falls. This short but sweet hiking trail near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, is quite easy but is one of the best hiking trails in Canada if you are looking for peaceful beauty.
  9. Chilkoot Trail. The best hiking trail in the Canadian Yukon, Chilkoot Trail goes back to 1898. Only 50 hikers are allowed to use the trail at one time, so its best to make reservations with Parks Canada ahead of time. This trail is in an area that has several avalanches, so heed all warnings. 
  10. Log Train Trail. This British Columbia hiking trail is the best in Canada if you want to enjoy hiking as well as biking. Near Port Alberni, the Log Train Trail connects to other trails making it an adventure each and every time.
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