10 Best Hindi Hip Hop Songs

The 10 best Hindi hip hop songs come from a genre also known as Punjabi Rap, Desi hip hop, or Desi-rap. Hindi hip hop is spearheaded by rap artist Bohemia. He was the main rap artist to bring the concept of Hindi hip hop into the mainstream. These ten best Hindi hip hop songs combine the natural curling flow of Hindi words with the structure of the rap format effortlessly. The flow, fullness and rhythm of the vocals become an instrument in and of itself.

  1. "Pesa Nasha Pyar" This one of the ten best Hindi hip hop songs comes from Punjabi rapper Bohemia. The album of the same name is the first Punjabi full length rap album to ever be released by a major label. It also brought Punjabi rap to mainstream awareness.
  2. "Gur Nal Ishq" This is another one of the ten best Hindi hip hop songs that's done by Bohemia. It's a hip hop remake of an old favorite by Malkit Singh. It comes from the album "Da Rap Star" which is a follow up to "Pesa Nasha Pyar."
  3. "Desi Gangster" This Hindi hip hop song is done by Rapper Manny Da Desi Soul. Manny grew up in Ludhiana, Punjab, and has been rapping since he was fourteen years old.
  4. "Ride It" This is the Hindi hip hop single done by Jay Sean aka Kamljit Singh Jhooti. Jay Sean is a huge Hindi hip hop success. As an artist, Jay Sean has been all over the Billboard charts and is currently working with Cash Money Records.
  5. "Bulawa" This one of the tenbest Hindi hip hop songs is a collaboration of Bohemia and D Naar. The artist Bohemia has set precendence in that he is the only Hindi rapper that actually raps in Punjabi instead of English.
  6. "Mafia Mundeer" Honey Singh and Raftaar are behind this traditonal rap song. Honey Singh is a well known music director and rapper. This track is from a new collaboration with his new artist Raftaar.
  7. "Dil" This one of the ten best Hindi hip hop songs is done by artist Bohemia. "Dil" comes from the album "Punjabi Invasion." Bohemia also recorded an acapella version of this track which is awesome.
  8. "We Can Leave Now" This single is from the album "Get Ready Get Set 2" by MC Metz and MC Trix. These two artists combine Punjabi, English and strong urban/hip hop sounds.
  9. "Mohali Souljaz" This one of the ten best Hindi hip hop songs is done by artist Sikander Kahlon of the Mohali Brigade.This track started out as just a collaboration between Kahlon and Vansh Mankoo. This collaboration led to the founding of The Mohali Brigade group.
  10. "Tu Hi Meri Jaan" This was the hit single that helped Sikander Kahlon make a name for himself in Hindi hip hop. This track comes from the album "The Sovereign." This project was a solo one for Kahlon. It was after he attracted attention with this single that he collaborated with and founded The Mohali Brigade.
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