10 Best Hip Hop Bass Songs

If you're wanting to test out how strong your audio system is, try listening to the 10 best hip hop bass songs. Hip hop has always been about hard hitting bass and harder hitting lyrics. To find the ten best hip hop bass songs you have to look at not only recent music, but some older hits as well.

  1. "Hip Hop" The instrumental to this song is enough to blow out anyone's speakers. This song by Dead Prez is the best of the ten best hip hop bass songs. Stic.man and M-1's raw lyrics are as hard hitting as the bass on these songs. This song was released in 2000 on their "Let's Get Free" album.
  2. "Let Me Ride" Dr. Dre could make up a whole list of ten best hip hop songs from his collection alone. This classic hit of Dr. Dre's is the best example of his bass thumping g-funk style from his "The Chronic" album.
  3. "What U Know" TI's first hit single from his album "King" is one of the ten best hip hop bass songs. His slow flow and the grandoise beat really makes for a great song. What you know about that?
  4. "Touch It" Busta Rhymes has the next one of the ten best hip hop bass songs. Busta's flow switches between a slow smooth delivery and a rapid intense spit as the beat also switches up. As a plus, "Touch It" has one of the more noteable remixes ever.
  5. "Drop(low low low)" Trick Daddy has the next entry in the ten best hip hop bass songs. While not his best song-that belongs to "In Da Wind"-this song shows off the bass Miami is known for better than any of his other
  6. "Ghetto Bass" Another Miami bass type songs hits the list for ten best hip hop bass songs. The 2 Live Crew rocks the bass with this song, and while it's older than most of the other 10 best hip hop bass songs, it is just as great.
  7. "Let The Rythm Hit 'Em" The God MC is arguably the best MC ever and his ill flow compliments the crazy bass in this song. Rakim has plenty of other songs that could make the ten best hip hop bass songs ever, but DJ Eric B gave Rakim the best bass on this song.
  8. "Late Nite Tip" Triple Six Mafia earns there way into the ten best hiphop bass songs with this late night hit. The bass is incredibly low on this song and goes hard. This song brings enough base to cover all of Tennessee.
  9. "Pump That Bass" The title says it all. Lil Wayne gets a song into the ten bets hip hop bass songs ever with this song. Wayne's flow is unique as always, but the beat overpowers him on this one with some sick bass.
  10. "Shoulder Lean" Shoulder lean enters the list of the ten best hip hop bass songs as the second recent dirty south hit. TI's second hand man Young Dro had his first hit with this song, and while he didnt get as popular as TI, the bass hit just as hard.
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