10 Best Hip-Hop Club Songs

Want to know what the ten best hip-hop club songs are? With so many hip-hop songs out there, only so many of them are eligible and danceable enough to be played in nightclubs. Granted, there are plenty of hip-hop club songs that sound too much like the other one or the last few played. Here are the ten best hip-hop club songs, each containing their own distinctive sound.


  1. "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down," Puff Daddy featuring Mase. Marking Puff Daddy's break out single and the launch of his solo career, "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" samples "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash in a clever fashion and features one of the best rap duo performances ever.
  2. "Phenomenon," LL Cool J. Absolutely phenomenal! To reject or ignore the urgency to dance to this LL Cool J jam is a sin. It's nearly impossible to avoid the sizzling bass and funky beat of "Phenomenon" on the dance floor. This joint has club song written all over it. 
  3. "Why You Get Funky On Me," Today. This uptempo song, along with its crazy synthesizers and amazing vocals, commands you to the dance floor. This song is straight from the "House Party" soundtrack, it would be inhuman to have a party without this jam.
  4. "Don't Walk Away," Jade. Brought to you by one of the best female R&B groups of the early '90s, this song comes packed with a dominant bass and rhythm that will get the adrenaline pumping through your veins.
  5. "Can I Get A…," Jay-Z featuring Ja Rule and Amil. Straight from the "Rush Hour" soundtrack, this song is a timeless hip-hop club classic, one that you can dance to over and over without getting tired of hearing it, unlike many of Jay-Z's songs as of lately.
  6. "Last Night," P. Diddy featuring Keyshia Cole. Catchy lyrics by Diddy, a great chorus, amazing vocals by Keyshia Cole, an overall banging song that brings the sounds of '80s Pop & R&B into today's club scene in a totally acceptable fashion.
  7. "Beautiful Girls/Stand By Me (DJ Rob Dinero 'Stand By Me' Remix)," Sean KingstonThis remix of the Sean Kingston hit, conducted by DJ Rob Dinero, blends the likes of Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" and Ben King's "Stand By Me", the original sample used for the song, making for a seamless club remix.
  8. "All About U," 2pac featuring Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg. Borrowing from Cameo's "Juicy Fruit" sample, in the same way which Notorious B.I.G. did for "Juicy," 2pac creates an instant hip-hop dance classic that retains everything great about the original sample, and throws in a few tricks of his own.
  9. "I'll Be," Foxy Brown featuring Jay-Z. Foxy & Jay-Z team up on this dance heavy hip-hop classic. This jam has all the right ingredients to make you shake it and sing along.
  10.  "Hypnotize," Notorious B.I.G. One of Notorious B.I.G.'s biggest singles, released prior to his demise, "Hypnotize" remains a hip-hop dance favorite in clubs and is still played fairly often to this day, over a decade after its original release.  
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