10 Best Hip Hop Dance Songs 2008

2008 was a great year for music, so here's the 10 best hip hop dance songs of 2008 to commemorate it. Now, let's find out which were the best of the year.

  1. ''Last of a Dying Breed'' Ludacris and Lil' Wayne work in perfect harmony with his song, the amazing beat and powerful lyrics will get anyone moving, one of the best hip hop singles of 2008.
  2. ''Low'' Flo Rida just seems to make a living creating catchy tunes, this song topped the 2008 charts and stayed on top for quite a while so it couldn't possibly not be on this list.
  3. ''Amazing'' Kanye West and Young Jeezy outdid themselves in 2008. West overcame some huge hurdles in his life and came out shining with this song to prove it. Just listening to this song is good adrenaline fuel.
  4. ''Krazy'' Pitbull and Lil Jon put together must equal great dance music. Lil Jon's beats are as hypnotic as ever and can keep the crowd dancing all night.
  5. ''Lollipop'' This is still Lil Wayne's most popular hip hop single, and topped the charts in 2008. Lil Wayne's voice goes perfectly with the intricate beat that this song provides, and it can keep the club going all night.
  6. ''Swagger Like Us'' T.I. and Kanye West create a catchy hip hop song that the listener can just melt into and almost feel the beat in their soul.
  7. ''A Milli'' Lil Wayne shows off his freestyle skills with this one, and he doesn't disappoint. The fast-paced hip hop music is sure to keep the crowd moving and feel exhausted afterwards.
  8. ''Boss'' Rick Ross might have been an unlikely candidate for a dance song, but ''Boss'' is the one exception. Ross' deep baritone voice is what fuels this song's success.
  9. ''Whatever You Like'' T.I.'s hypnotic tune feeds on the soul of hip hop, and never gets disrupted in this song, which is great for dancing, or just plain relaxing.
  10. ''Mrs. Officer'' Bobby Valentino's voice provides an oddly attractive contrast to Lil Wayne's lyrics here, and that's probably why this song was so great to move along to. A great pairing of both hip hop and R&B.
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