10 Best Hip Hop Dances In Movies

The 10 best hip hop dances in movies made headlines because they're so unique. Nobody wants to see a remake of "Dirty Dancing" or "Grease," but they're more than willing to see hip hop movie after hip hop movie gracing the theater screens.

  1. "Step Up": Channing Tatum busts a few moves with then-girlfriend and current wife Jenna Dewan during the end scene. You can't fight the beat you feel inside when Petey Pablo's "Show Me the Money" plays behind a mix of hip hop, ballet and modern dance. "Step Up" will always be one of the best hip hop dances in movies.
  2. "Step Up 2: The Streets": A poor girl from the projects gets one last chance to make it on the dance scene. When she leaves the trashier 411, she makes her own crew and proves she's got what it takes in the last scene, which takes place on a rainy street lit only by car headlights.
  3. "The Karate Kid": Will Smith gave his kid more than just acting talent. Jaden Smith evidently has some hip hop moves up his sleeves, too, as he proves in front of a cute girl at a Chinese mall in the 2010 installment of "The Karate Kid."
  4. "Save the Last Dance 2": As sequels go, they generally suck. But there's some pretty hot hip hop dances in "Save the Last Dance 2," especially when the two lead characters are talking quietly as they watch the break dancers in the club below. Head spins always take center stage, and the ones here are no exception. 
  5. "Stomp the Yard": The only thing better than one dance is a dance battle. "Stomp the Yard's" final dance scene features a dance battle where two sides line up and fight, street-style, with awesome choreography.
  6. "Thrashin": Originally the story of two warring skateboard clans, there's a hidden, oft-forgotten hip hop scene in "Thrashin" where a couple of kids spin on their heads and break dance. Of course, one of the members of the Daggers skateboard gang gives them some lip for it, but it was one of the best hip hop dances nonetheless.
  7. "Breakin'": One of the best hip hop dances of all time is when Turbo does a dance with a broom in "Breakin'. With nothing but a street and a sick beat to back him up, Turbo spins on concrete with his straw partner and skids to glory as a sidewalk breaker.
  8. "8 Mile": Some people don't think Eminem can dance. Well, he can't, really, but he can fake it, as he proved in his almost-autobiography, "8 Mile." He only does moves that the audience can do along with him to make him feel good, really.
  9. "Hustle & Flow": No hip hop movies are complete without a little hip hop dancing in them. "Hustle & Flow" is no exception. But instead of all-out dance scenes, you'll have to settle for less overt dances and kind of just go with the spirit of the film.
  10. "Beat Street": Once you get past the terrible 1980's rap music, you can almost enjoy the awesomeness of the dances in "Beat Street" which never seem to start or end. They're more or less continuous and never-ending, just like hip hop dances should be.
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