10 Best Hip Hop Dancing Songs

These songs included on the 10 best hip hop dancing songs list are famous because of their beats that are great for dance moves. People love hip hop because of the upbeat music it gives and the more people enjoy it as it brings music back to life.

  1. Low” by Flo-Rida. This hip hop dancing song earned a Grammy award in December of 2008. Almost all hip hop dance song lovers loved the song and danced to its beat that made “Low” almost top all the music lists. This song is one of hip hop’s best that all ladies can’t help but move their feet to the dance floor.
  2. Freeze ft. Chris Brown" by T-Pain. This hip hop dancing song was officially released in February of 2009. T-Pain has paved his way into the hearts of hip hop lovers. Many dancers adored the song and danced to its beat.
  3. “Down” by Jay Sean. It was first released in November 2009 and has become one of the best hip hop dance songs. Its rhythm will make you dance to the beat and the song is certified a number one hit in billboard charts' billboard hot 100.
  4. Fallin out” by Keyshia Cole. This is a slow hip hop dancing song loved by many dancers on the floor. The song was first released on September of 2007 by Geffen records and paved its way to becoming a platinum CD entitled "Just Like you.”
  5. “Baby got back” by Sir Mix-a-lot. This song is so genuinely hip hop that gets girls to get moving to the dance floor. It is not the finest piece of work but it surely works to get all the girls on the groove. What makes this hip hop song so loved by dancers is its intro "OMG Becky, look at her butt it is sooo big."
  6. “Children’s Story” by Slick Rick. A real hip hop track that will take you back to the days of big-butt chains, spandex and oversized jackets. This is an original hip hop rap tracing back to the 80's. The beat of the song in a boom box will get everyone dancing on their feet.
  7. “Jump Around” by House of Pain. This is one song to not be proud of but it is guaranteed to get the party started. The beat and the lyrics will make you want to jump and dance. Put this song in your playlist and you'll surely make all them cats from the old school jump to the music.
  8. “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa. If you are from the 90's, you are surely going to dance to this song. It is a classic and once you play it everyone fills the dance floor and is ready to push it. 
  9. "Fergalicious" by Fergie. Listening to the song is like listening to "Supersonic" by J.J Fad, which was released in 1988. People still liked it and danced to its rhythm. Fergie has a way of coming up with sexy videos. Let's make sure to give credit to J.J Fad.
  10. "Boom Boom Pow"by Black Eyed Peas. Hip hop has gone electro with "Boom Boom Pow." The production of the song is a little off the traditional hip hop map. It was nominated for a Grammy award for Best Dance Recording. However, it had its own glitches. It was said that BEP was sued for copying "Boom Dynamite" by Phoenix Phenom. Legalities aside, it wouldn't be nominated for Grammy if it didn't prove to be a hit on the dance floor.
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