10 Best Hip Hop Line Dance Songs

Break genre stereotypes with these 10 best hip hop line dance songs. Line dance is no longer linked to just country music. These days, people of all generations can implement easy beginner line dancing steps to catchy hip hop tunes. The best ones to line dance to are listed below. 

  1. “Crazy In Love.” Beyonce’s bouncy beats in this hip hop song topped international charts when it was released in 2003. Being so easily recognizable is a key trait for ideal line dance songs such as this one.
  2. “Dirrty.” Christina Aguilera wanted this hit to be hard enough to powerfully proclaim her return to the music scene. As such, the strong hip hop beats will allow you to easily time your line dancing steps.
  3. “1, 2 Step.” As a mix of dance-pop and hip hop styles, this Ciara song features the famed female rapper Missy Elliott. In the lyrics, Ciara sings to describe the beat of the music and commands everyone to get up and dance. It’ll encourage you to get up and line dance too.
  4. “My Humps.” Winning a Grammy in 2007, the repetitive yet catchy lyrics of this Black Eyed Peas song will match the rhythmic steps of your line dance. You’ll groove to the rhythm more when Fergie sings about her “humps” and her “lovely lady lumps.”
  5. “Yeah!” Produced by Lil Jon, sung by Usher, and featuring a rap sketch by Ludacris, these big names surround the big sound of this borderline-crunk hip hop song. The hard-hitting moments will get you kicking hard when you make your line dance switches while the smoother moments of the song will have you grooving across the line.
  6. “The Way I Are.” The familiar beats of this Timbaland song have not only rocked the radio waves, but also cellular phones as a catchy ringtone. Everyone will be up and line dancing as soon as they hear the introductory notes.
  7. “Don’t Cha.” The Pussycat Dolls debuted with this hip hop single way back in 2005 and rose to fame with the song’s success. Nicole Scherzinger cites that the song is about being assertive and self-assured, and these qualities are exactly what you need for a good line dance session as well.
  8. “Low.” Categorized as southern hip hop, this song is the closest neighbor of the classical country music typically played for line dancing, which also originates in the southern states. Flo Rida encourages you to get low to the ground when you dance, which can coincide with some snazzy line dance steps.
  9. “Kiss Kiss.” Chris Brown is not only known for his music, such as this hit song, but also for his groovy and smooth dance moves. Take it from an expert and implement some glide in your line dancing style to this famous hip hop track.
  10. “Gold Digger.” One of the top 100 greatest songs of hip hop as voted and named by VH1, this Kanye West hit was inspired by and includes clips from Ray Charles’ fifties song, “I Got a Woman.” This was about the time that famous line dances such as the “Madison” became especially popular so there’s no excuse not to get your line dancing shoes out for this tune.
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