10 Best Hip Hop Party Songs

The 10 best hip hop party songs are sure to liven up any informal social event or get-together. All of them have certain themes and rhythms that are sure to maximize anyone's night, and each song inspires a different response in party-goers. Some are just great to listen to, while others may get people onto the dance floor. Following are the ten best hip hop party songs.

  1. "In Da Club", 50 Cent: This song has party written all over it. It has a great rhythm, and will easily get people dancing. It is great for club parties.
  2. "ATLiens", Outkast: Another great dancing track, "ATLiens" combines remarkable instrumental sound with the rapping of Andre 3000 and Big Boi. It will surely get people onto the dance floor and will get you to "throw your hands in the air."
  3. "What's My Name", Snoop Dogg: A classic west coast song, this will surely liven up any party. It has the characteristic, early west coast rap sound commonly exhibited by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, and it is another excellent dancing song.
  4. "Tipsy", J-Kwon: A track that caters to a younger crowd, J-Kwon's song is perfect for college parties. Its theme and lyrics center around young people getting together and drinking.
  5. "Single Ladies", Beyonce: This is a song that will have all of the single ladies hitting the dance floor. It is great for parties that have designated areas for dancing.
  6. "H to the Izzo", Jay-Z: One of Jay Z's classic party songs, this is a great one to play at any informal event. It is another one that naturally draws people to the dance floor.
  7. "U Can't Touch This", MC Hammer: A very original and classic hip hop party song, everyone at the party is sure to know this track by MC Hammer, and it is sure to fully engage anyone.
  8. "Hey Ya", Outkast: This classic Outkast party song has a very unique style: it lacks the traditional base beat that is characteristic of modern hip hop, but it is still a great dancing song for any party.
  9. "My Name Is", Eminem: A great song with a funky and funny sound and rhythm, this is one of Eminem's liveliest, and one of his best party tracks.
  10. "I Got a Feeling", Black Eyed Peas: A great new party song, this one is great for get-togethers where people are drinking with each other. It is also one that is best suited for a younger crowd.

The ten best hip hop party songs, listed above, should be on any festive play list. They will liven up any social event, and get people up and dancing to keep the party on course.

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