10 Best Hip Hop Rap Lyrics 2010

The 10 best hip hop rap lyrics 2010 are all about representing the artists' attitude toward society. There are lyrics that are downright hilarious, while others take a more serious approach. Either way, these rap lyrics are the best that 2010 saw.

  1. "We're right by your side as we tryin´ to make sense of this" by Jay-Z. This comes from the song called "Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)." This was Jay-Z's attempt at raising awareness for the victims in Haiti from the terrible earthquake that took place. This song was released in January of 2010 and he teamed up with Bono and Rihanna.
  2. "Just look around, I´m beamin´" by Lupe Fiasco. This was from the song called "I'm Beamin." This song is all about showing tough critics how popular Lupe Fiasco had become. Often times, hip hop artists use rap lyrics to bring their points home. It's not easy to become a successful rapper, but once it's done, they are happy to remind those who didn't believe in them just exactly how wrong they were.
  3. "My chick bad, My chick hood, My chick do stuff dat ya chick wish she could" by Ludacris. In February of 2010, Ludacris released the single called "My Chick Bad." Rarely do hip hop artists brag about how wonderful their girlfriends are. In this song, Ludacris raps about his chick being the best chick there is. It also features Nicki Minaj almost a year before her debut album was released.
  4. "I could teach you how to speak my language -rossetta stone" by Drake. In March of 2010, Drake released his much-talked-about single, "Over." He raps about becoming famous and how he is trying to handle it. Even though its difficult, he still keeps a fresh attitude about getting with the ladies.
  5. "There comes a time where you fade to the blackness" by B.O.B. This song, "Airplanes," debuted in April of 2010 and it still hasn't stopped playing. The lovely Haylee Williams makes this song's chorus beautiful. B.O.B. raps about the falling hip hop industry and the monster it has become. 
  6. "But you won’t take this thing out these words before I say ‘em" by Eminem. Eminem's long-awaited album debuted to the lack of criticism that many rappers haven't seen before. This song is all about picking yourself up and making something beautiful out of something terrible. Eminem challenges other rappers, makes promises to his fans, and reminds everyone why is was great to begin with.
  7. "No one man should have all that power" by Kanye West. The song "Power" was short and to the point. Kanye West's latest album since the passing of his mother, the break up with his model girlfriend, and the Taylor Swift incident, led to a lot of anticipation. This song is all about trying to be a rapper in the world today.
  8. "Been to hell and back I can show you vouchers" by Lil' Wayne. This song is off of the Eminem album, "Recovery." It features Lil' Wayne as he begins the song and sets up Eminem's phenomenal lyrics. They rap about being in the game and what it takes to stay on top.
  9. "The height of her shopping was writers blocking me" by Kanye West. From the song, "Erase Me" by Kid Cudi, Kanye West wraps up the single with his signature sound. He raps about the demise of a relationship because of fame and the politics of hip hop. Kid Cudi eloquently sings and backs up Kanye during his performance as well.
  10. "Look up in the sky and see me porting wit a cova girl" by Lil' Wayne. From the song, "I Am Not A Human," Lil' Wayne uses the metaphor of being from another planet to pinpoint the problems in society. He doesn't lose sight of women, however, and keeps that as a reminder in his lyrics. He often refers to himself as a rock star in this song because he wants to expand on being more than just a famous rapper.
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