10 Best Hip Hop Remix Songs

It may be hard to find the good ones in the bunch, but be sure as the sun rises that there are 10 best Hip Hop remix songs to date. Hip Hop remix songs usually gain a lot of negative press due to their easy sell-outs. Yet, the best Hip Hop remix songs rarely get the positive attention they deserve. Read on to find out what we have deemed, the top Hip Hop remix songs to date!

  1. "Always Strapped Remix" by Lil Wayne featuring Juelz Santana. This smooth-talking, charming remix of Lil Wayne's famous "Always Strapped" made an excellent remix here. "Bi***es give me hugs" the smooth Wayne said. One of the better Hip Hop remix songs for sure.
  2. "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" by Kanye West featuring Jay-Z. Socially conscious rap is hard to find these days. Yet, this Hov-backed track makes Yeezy's original that much more memorable and slick. A remix about not only money and power, but what it creates in 3rd world countries.
  3. "I'm the Sh** Remix" by DJ Class featuring Kanye West. Class puts his best foot forward in this track. The one-liner "Diamonds on my neck" has spawned several tracks in and of itself, to include one by the lyrically-acclaimed Tino Cochino. A superb choice of the Hip Hop remix songs.
  4. "Lollipop Remix" by Lil Wayne featuring Kanye West. Both Yeezy and Weezy make this mix an excellent song to play on the radio. Heck, since the original came out, more stations probably play this version to this day. Wayne's one liners like "I got so much chips they call me Hewlett Packer" make the track.
  5. "Diva: Mick Boogey Mix" by Beyonce featuring Lil Wayne. "I run it myself like a quarter-back option" spat Weezy. Lil Wayne makes for an excellent addition to anyones mix. Not to mention, it's one of the best Hip Hop remix songs that is played on the radio still. This track has accumulated as much fame as "Single Ladies" with Carter's help.
  6. "Satisfaction In Da Club" by 50 Cent vs Benny Benassi. One of the most famed techno against one of the best known rap songs; who wins? Benassi and Fiddy make an excellent mixture, showcasing what the two genres can do together.
  7. "Love Lockdown Remix" by Kanye West featuring LMFAO. The creators behind "Im In Miami Trick" have returned to make one of the best Hip Hop remix songs. LMFAO may not be up to Weezy's standards, but they sure compliment "Lockdown" with ease.
  8. "Gangsta Party Numixx" by Tupac feauting Crooked I. Although not as smooth as Snoop (nor the original), and many criticize the Numixxes, don't let the haters fool you. This mix is an excellent adaptation of a classic song, although nothing compared to the original. Still, it beats a lot of that crap that passes for Hip Hip remix songs nowadays.
  9. "Who Shot Ya? Remix" by Notorious B.I.G. and Serj Tankian. This hardrock adaptation of Biggie's notorious diss-song is an excellent combination of Hip Hop and fist-pumping rock. This "Who Shot Ya?" mix is a throwdown track with all the right guitar strings in between. Isn't B.I.G. really one of "Crooklyn's finest"?
  10. "Conflict Diamonds" by Lupe Fiasco. An unofficial version of the original, this follows in the remix done by Yeezy and Jay-Z's footsteps. Granted, it's not published, but it goes into much more detail about the violence surrounding blood diamonds these days. Lupe's spits so fast, so furious, and so full of soul it's hard to catch up with this remix.

Tupac, Jay-Z, Kanye, and Notorious all made some of the best Hip Hop remix songs of all time. While it's good we acknowledge their success, let's always keep our eyes peeled for new Hip Hop remix songs to come.

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