10 Best Hip-Hop Singers

These 10 best hip-hop singers have been judged by how well their lyrics are, the quality of their voice and their reception by the fans. The rather small beginnings of hip-hop has now become a trend that has picked up steam in the last few years and has set off a number of hip-hop singers on the road to becoming big money players in the music industry. The following are the singers who have done the best with what this industry has given them:

  1. Lil Wayne – Without a doubt one of the best hip-hop singers in the industry today. Lil Weezy has been featured with numerous artists. There was even a time when every hip-hop and Top 40 station would play a song featuring him up to 5 times in an hour.
  2. T-Pain – The same stuff said about Lil Wayne can be said for T-Pain. Although the rapper has come under fire in recent months over his use of "auto-tuning", T-Pain's songs features many prominent rappers and can be found on the airwaves just as many times as the number one.
  3. Jay-Z – His recent concert in Denver has him touted as the greatest hip-hop performer of all-time. After signing a $150 million dollar deal with LiveNation, it is no surprise that he is not only one of the top paid but also one of the best live performer on the microphone. 
  4. Ludacris – Known as the hip-hop movie star, Ludacris throws down on the microphone like no other and has a presence that just makes him a star. His lyrics and stylings are intense and catchy, making him a person likely to be around in hip-hop for a long time to come.
  5. Kanye West – Always controversial, West has a hip-hop game like no other and loves to be in the spotlight. His songs are always top-notch, and he has been featured alongside a number of artists on a constant basis (although Taylor Swift may not be one of them any time soon).
  6. P. Diddy – The veteran of the rap game, Diddy has concentrated much of his efforts on making new bands rather than on continuing his career, but that doesn't mean that the hip-hop star doesn't have enough legit talent to rock a house. Whether it be his old-school songs or even some of his newer stuff, Diddy will always have a place as one of the 10 best hip-hop singers.
  7. Eminem – Hip-hop's true bad boy, Eminem has skills and a presence which leaves the crowd loving him. From his beginning days of being another Dr. Dre protege, Eminem has made a name for himself in hip-hop that will not be long forgotten. Although he claims to be retired, don't be surprised to see another Eminem album produced sometime in the future.
  8. 50 Cent – From Dre's protege to Eminem's, 50 Cent is a force in this industry, taking it by storm with his debut and rocking it's foundations still. The major investor in Vitamin Water, 50 knows how to work with what he has and plans to stay in this industry moving on his own terms.
  9. Usher – Another person who made their name in hip-hop and then went to film, Usher, with a style all his own, is constantly proving that he will be a hip-hop legend. His albums have stretched more than a decade, and he is still going with great album sales and a strong singing voice.
  10. Drake – One of the newest people to emerge as a hip-hop star, Drake has already been turning heads with his hip-hop stylings amidst controversy from others in the industry. He is already being touted as the next big thing, so time will inevitably tell what the future holds for him.
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