10 Best Hip Hop Songs About Hate

The 10 best hip hop songs about hate range from the outright venomous to the comically playful. But while these emcees may handle haters differently, one thing is for sure: haters are a nuisance they can do without.

  1. “MC Burial” Reportedly directed at 50 Cent, Nas lets his anger shine through loud and clear on this hip hop song about hate. “I’m in the streets like old graffiti/ I’m hearing wankstas talking greezy/ Whether broke or rich my friend/ Nasir bring that career to an end.”
  2. “Say It To My Face” A song from Xzibit about friends who once supported him but started hating on him behind his back. Unlike other hip hop songs about hate, Xzibit never raises his voice but his anger is palpable. “You gotta (say it to my face), I'm right here with a 12-gauge/ You talkin' to a man that plan on dyin' of old age/ Until that day, I crush everything in my way.”
  3. “What’s Beef?” The Notorious B.I.G. explains to the haters and posers what it means to be a real thug. “What’s beef?/ Beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep/ Beef is when your mom’s ain’t safe up in the streets/ Beef is when I see you guaranteed to be in ICU.”
  4. “Hi Haters” Like Jay-Z (see below), Maino acknowledges his haters and adds fuel to their fire by listing off everything he has that they want. “Why you like that? That ain't like black/ We boss out in the club? You don't like that?/ You know you like that you wanna’ be me/ Why you twistin' up your face when you see me?”
  5. “Live Your Life” T.I.’s ode to ignoring haters and explaining why they should thank him for all he’s done for them. Of the best hip hop songs about hate, “Live Your Life” is the poppiest and features a catchy hook sung by Rihanna. “Hey, never mind what haters say/ Ignore ‘em till they fade away/ Amazin’ they ungrateful/ After all the game I gave away.”
  6. “Can’t C Me” Few songs bleed more hate than 2Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up”, but “Can’t C Me” comes awfully close. Another diss track, this one is directed at—who else?—The Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy (now P. Diddy), and Bad Boy Records. “Hey, homie, if ya’ feel me/ Tell them tricks that shot me that they missed/ They ain't killed me.”
  7. “Hate Me Now” A classic hip hop song about hate, this tune by Nas lashes out at those who dumped on Nas for going from the darling of underground hip hop to successful mainstream artist. “First rapper to bring a platinum plaque/ back to the projects/ but you still wanna hate/ be my guest, I suggest.”
  8. “Marshall Mathers” From Eminem’s second LP, The Marshall Mathers Album. This song is the culmination of Slim Shady’s struggles with fame, trash talkers, and haters everywhere. It's one of those songs where Eminem doesn’t hold anything back. “I think I was put here to annoy the world/ And destroy your little four year-old little boy or girl.”
  9. “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” Jay-Z takes a different approach to the haters who want to pop off. Instead of blasting them, he recites his accomplishments and skills. Then he has the audacity to equate the haters to nothing more than dirt on his shoulder. “All the ladies they love me, from the bleachers they screamin’/ All the ballers is bouncin' they like the way I be leanin’/ All the rappers be hatin' off the track that I'm makin’/ But all the hustlers, they love it just to see one of us make it.”
  10. “Good Morning” Riding a sample from Tom Petty’s “Freefalling," Chamillionaire does what no one else does on the list of best hip hop songs about hate: he admits it’s only human nature to hate others’ success. He goes a step farther, however, by confessing he would probably act just like them if their roles were reversed. If only all emcees were so honest. “I wanna’ show all of my haters some love/ This song’s for you/ If you acted like me, and I was in your shoes/ I’d probably hate me, too.”


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