10 Best Hip Hop Work Out Songs

Here are the 10 best hip hop work out songs. Nothing motivates better than music. If you have the right music, you will have a great work out. Some of the most motivational music comes from the hip hop genre. Here are the best rap work out songs.

  1. “Jesus Walks” Kanye West. This song by Kanye will get you moving and moving fast. Just as it showcases how Kanye took a chance and put everything into his music, this hip hop song will intensify your workout.
  2. Lose Yourself” Eminen. Seizing the moment is exactly what you will be doing by listening to this hop hop song. It's fast paced and motivational. You will "lose yourself" in the workout and that should always be the goal.
  3. “Push It” Salt and Peppa. Listen to a good old fashioned classic. This great hip hop song, will definitely get you moving and will get your heart pumping.
  4. “It’s Tricky” Run DMC. Another classic hip hop tune should not be left off the list of best work out songs. Sometimes, nothing motivates more than a good classic. "This rhyme is right on time."
  5. “Mamma Said Knock you Out” L.L. Cool Jay. Everybody, not just ladies, love L.L. When he needed a big comeback, he got it with this classic song. Mamma was right, L.L. knocks you out with this song.
  6. “It Takes Two” Rob Base. Rock it old school. Rob Base knows how to pump you up and motivate you. This is a great work out song. It must be included in any gym play list.
  7. “Bust a Move” Young MC. You will certainly want to bust a move and maybe even more than that when you listen to this great hip hop work out song. Don't forget to add this one to your play list. 
  8. “Jump Around” House of Pain. "I came to get up. I came to get down." The chorus in this one will get you moving. It's a great cardio song.
  9. “In Da Club” 50 Cent. This is another great hip hop song. It will keep you moving. It will help raise your level of intensity. 50 Cent will not disappoint you with this song.
  10. “Slam” Onxy. "Let the boys be boys." This song will make you want to jump up and down. It will make you sweat and that should always be the goal. 
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