10 Best Hips In Hollywood

Who has the best hips in Hollywood? Guys debate about a lot of things regarding women.  They make lists of women’s body parts as if they were ordering car parts.  That’s all well and fine but for a sign of a sophisticated, and grown woman, they’d be best to check out the women with the 10 best hips in Hollywood:

  1. Beyonce – Undisputable.  Best hips, thick thighs, big bottom, great skin tone. Anyone who begs to differ is either blind or playing on the other side of the street. The girl, well, I guess she’s a lady now, is all hips. Child rearing, vivacious, full figured hips. We should all be hating on Jay-Z if he wasn’t so damn talented himself. Lucky S.O.B.
  2. Shakira – After all, she’s got a song about her hips.  Because she’s a singer she might not count quite as “Hollywood” but who the heck cares?  If you’re on TV, you’re in Hollywood. We are talking about hips, right. We’ve all seen her shake those golden Latina hips around in one of those skimpy outfits with the fringes flying around.  Her hips don’t lie.
  3. Kim Kardashian – Of course. We’ve seen the photo’s retouched and un-retouched. So what? Hips are hips, curves are curves, and this woman has got them in proportion. We all know Reggie Bush has moves, but we hope that’s not all it took to bag a beauty of this caliber. Do your thing, Kim.
  4. Sophia Vergara.  – Yeah she’s on "Modern Family" now, but this Latina beauty is anything but family time.  Better yet, she’s more like after family time. When those kids you have, or are lucky enough not to have, finally get to sleep it’s time for adult playtime. So grab those hips, pull her close and hang on for the ride. Yeah, if only it were possible. Top to bottom, this one's a winner.
  5. Jennifer Lopez – You knew this was coming next. This prima Latina is known as much from acting and singing as by that package she’s pushing back there. J.Lo makes all the guys want to “get low.” Yet another one taken off the market by a pop star. Advice to the guys, grab a microphone and increase your chances.
  6. Scarlett Johanssen – One of the French posters for  “Iron Man 2” featured her in that skintight black latex suit alone, hips slick as a wet road. Without any sign of Iron Man. That’s called salesmanship. Generally known for her luscious lips and atypically sized chest for a Hollywood actress, this young woman man has curves all the way around.
  7. Britney Spears – She was the poster every guy had on his wall as a teen. Not the pin up magazine glam covers, but the ones with her skimpily clad in that schoolgirl outfit. This little Lolita would put a Porsche to the test. The legal Lolita of course, set off a a firestorm of excitement with that infamous Rolling Stone magazine cover. 
  8. Salma Hayek – If you’ve seen "From Dusk Til Dawn" there is no denying this one. Salma Hayek stripping in a Tijuana dive bar with a snake around her neck? You’ve never scene a Hollywood movie with a woman working with better hips. The film practically ended with that scene and you’d hardly remember anything else.
  9. Jessica Simpson – Known more for the top than the bottom, this girl fills out “Daisy Duke’s” damn near better than Daisy Duke. Some like her thin, some love her thick.  Either way, give this woman a break. She’s built like a woman not a little girls. We’re talking about hips, here. Work, it Jess.
  10. Tyra Banks – This trooper seems like she’s been around forever. Now more mogul than model she’s able to sport her body the way it was designed. Aging like fine wine, she’s got one of the best set of hips found on the small screen.   Forget " Top Model", how  about "Topping Tyra."
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