10 Best Hispanic Actors

These are the 10 best Hispanic actors. When it comes down to the greatest Hispanic actors on the big screen, these ten come out on top. There are no other Hispanic actors close to being as talented as the ten who made it on this list. For a good reason, too. These Hispanic actors shine in comedies, romances and even dramas. They all have different styles on the big screen, but one thing is for certain–they are some of the finest actors Hollywood has ever seen. Here they are, in all their glory.

  1. Antonio Banderas. Banderas is practically a household name across America. When it comes down to Hispanic actors, he might arguably be the best in the business with roles in "The Legend of Zoro" and "Desperado."
  2. Penelope Cruz. Cruz won an Oscar for her role as Maria Elena in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and starred in other noteworthy films, such as "Blow" and "Vanilla Sky." She will play alongside Johnny Depp the fourth installation of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series.
  3. Selma Hayek. Hayek has been known for tackling versatile roles, such as "Dogma" and "Frida." In addition to being recognized by the Academy for her work as an actress, Hayek is an executive producer for the hit TV series "Ugly Betty."
  4. Martin Sheen. This Hispanic actor simply cannot avoid the blockbusters. It seems no matter what movie he's in, the movie will be popular whether it is something like "Catch Me If You Can" or "The Departed."
  5. Luis Guzman. Guzman is a Hispanic actor known for his comedies. He has a knack for being extremely raunchy, but America loves him. His best role came in the hit comedy "Waiting."
  6. Emilio Estevez. No matter what movie he is in, no matter what trouble he gets in, and no matter who he marries, America will always love Estevez. Why? Because of his role in "The Breakfast Club."
  7. Miguel Ferrer. Although probably the least popular actor on this list, Ferrer is one of the most talented. His talent has landed him on hit television series like "Medium," "CSI" and "Law And Order."
  8. Jimmy Smits. Smits has been around for a while now, but America knows him as Congressman Matthew Santos on the hit television series "The West Wing."
  9. Anthony Quinn. Quinn has been around for what seems like forever. His first acting gig was "The Milky Way." He retired in 1999 after an episode of "Cosby." He has 136 movies and television shows to his credit.
  10. Raul Julia. This Hispanic actor has been around for a while, too. He has been in fan favorite movies, like "Street Fighter: The Movie," "Adams Family Values" and "The Alamo: Thirteen Days To Glory."
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