10 Best Holiday Vacation Ideas

The best holiday vacation ideas are those with something for everyone. With a wide in range of activities and affordability, certain destinations nudge out their competitors in overall holiday charm.

  1. St. Augustine, Florida.  This historic city makes of the list of best holiday vacations for it's locations and historic aspects. The oldest continual city in the United States, St. Augustine lies along the eastern coast and offers a warm winter option for vacationers. Shopping for mom along the old streets, tours of the Bastile, an old Spanish war fort for dad, and romps along the beach for the children give St. Augustine an advantage over other destinations. For those who love a little fright in their vacation, St. Augustine is listed amongst the most haunted cities in America and offers ghost tours of the old city for all ages.
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada. The warm weather, discount deals and plethora of continuous activities leads Las Vegas to a spot on the best holiday vacations. During the Christmas season, this neon city is transformed into a wonderland of seasonal decorations. In recent history, Las Vegas has added activities for the entire family, and now offers water parks and other delights designed especially for the younger visitor.
  3. Branson, Missouri. During the Christmas season, Branson turns into a holiday wonderland of light displays. This music-based city offers continuous shows appropriate for all ages. These attributes make Branson one of the best holiday vacation destinations.
  4. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis is home to the Mall of America. This infamous mall offers vacation goers vast options of activities. During the winter, the mall is highly decorated and vendors dress for the Christmas spirit.  An indoor amusement park for the children and almost endless shopping for mom and dad make this spot one of the best holiday vacation options.
  5. Santa Claus, Indiana. This small town lets visitors of all ages believe in Santa Claus once again. The lively little village celebrates Christmas all year. The affordability and fun of this attraction make it a best holiday vacation idea.
  6. Paradise Pennsylvania. Paradise is home to the National Christmas Center and is the only continuous museum of its kind. The displays are appealing to all ages making it a best holiday vacation destination.
  7. Vail, Colorado. For the skier, Vail is the optimal vacation destination for the holidays. At Christmas time, the lodges sport seasonal lights and some offer holiday parties in the common areas, putting Vail on the list of best holiday vacations.
  8. Jacksonville, Florida. The northern most metropolis in Florida offers temperate climates to its winter visitors. During the Christmas season, the city offers a parade of boats decorated with lights and decorations along the river running directly through the city. Inexpensive hotels and Florida sunshine make Jacksonville one of the best holiday vacation places.
  9. Levenworth, Washington. Each season, Levenworth comes alive with the Christmas spirit. Decorations and activities last for almost the entire month of December.  Horse-drawn sleigh rides and 2000 lighted homes make this spot one of the best holiday vacation destinations.
  10. New York, New York. While the costs of this trip may exceed some budgets, the sheer vastness of the available activities during the season make New York one of the best holiday vacation spots. Shopping, skating and the city decorations make the cost worthwhile.
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