10 Best Hollywood Mansions

Take a look at these 10 best Hollywood mansions and you will get an idea of style, luxury and elegance that the Hollywood’s celebrities court. After all, who could be more elegant than our film stars?

  1. Pickfair Called a fabled Hollywood mansion by “Forbes” and listed as the “Forbes" Home of the Week at one time, this Beverly Hills home once belonged to the celebrity couple of silent era, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Sr. This mansion used to be the social center of Hollywood in the early twentieth century. Pickfair has been bought and renovated by UNICOM International Inc. and has all the modern amenities while retaining much old time elegance. It has three bedrooms, one master suite and a three-bedroom guest apartment.
  2. Spelling Mansion Probably the costliest mansion ever to appear on market, the Spelling Mansion was put on sale by Spelling’s widow, Candy Spelling, after Spelling’s death. Candy has set its price at $150 million. The 56,000 square foot mansion is situated at Bel Air and sits on a six-acre compound.
  3. Electronic House’s Hollywood Home of the Year This 7,000 square foot Hollywood mansion (currently with no name) located in the Hollywood Hills was awarded Hollywood Home of the Year award by Electronic House in 2009. It was designed by Temple Home to accommodate an actor/director and has all electronic goodies, including a cinema scope theater.
  4. Le Belvedere Designed and developed by Mohamed Hadid, this Bel Air home was sold for a whopping $72 million, causing it to be listed on “Forbes" Most Expensive Homes list. At this price, this home cannot be anything but large. The mansion is made of sandstone and has ten bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms and sixteen marble fireplaces.
  5. Scarlett Johansson’s Hollywood Home If you are looking to promote green earth ,who better than a celebrity like Scarlett Johansson? Her home is powered by solar panels. The $2.8 million 4,232 square foot home has two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a nice view.
  6. Ben Affleck’s Home This Pacific Palisades ranch home was purchased by Affleck and Jennifer Garner for around $17 million. This mansion once belonged to actor Gregory Peck.
  7. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s Former Home This Hollywood mansion, which once belonged to Oscar winner Fredric March, was sold by Pitt and Aniston for a whopping $24.95 million.
  8. Halle Berry’s Rustic Home If rustic is your style, this home is for you. If you can afford $5 million, you may even be able to purchase it. This mansion is certainly comfortable, cozy and beautiful.
  9. Penelope Cruz’s Home This 3,334 square foot Hollywood mansion has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. This single-storied home costs $3.7 million.
  10. Kevin Engle’s Los Feliz Home Which home could be more fairytale-like than the home that once belonged to Walt Disney? This home was bought and renovated by feature Animation artist Kevin Engle.
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