10 Best Hollywood Movie Trailers

There are a lot of really awesome Hollywood movie trailers out there, but I am sure many of you are wondering which 10 were the 10 best Hollywood movie trailers. The list you will find below is based off of our own top 10 favorites, and in no particular order we have chosen the following.

  1. "Blair Witch" This movie had one of the best movie trailers in history because more than half of those who saw it believed the false representation of the movie being real, and based off of actual events. It angered a lot of people when they discovered they were duped, tricked, and fooled into believing so.
  2. "Paranormal Entity" Another movie that came packaged with a really creepy Hollywood movie trailer. That's because this movie was made popular due to word of mouth, and once the word got out, this movie took over and became the number one movie to see when it first released.
  3. "The Shining" This classic horror not only sends chills up your spine, but even after all this time, this movie trailer still manages to spook.
  4. "Titanic" Its believed that every single American owns a copy, or 2 copies of the movie. This movie trailer managed to win the hearts of many, and the movie was just as perfect.
  5. "Jaws" As if this creepy flick wouldn't make the list! Jaws managed to not only keep people out of the water, but the fear of sharks was widespread, and this movie, and movie trailer managed to embed that fear deeper into the spine.
  6. "The Good Son" This movie trailer still manages to creep people out because it involves kids, and nothing is creepier than evil kids.
  7. "It" Another Steven King classic, hands down. We introduce Pennywise, a gigantic creepy clown that can turn into your greatest fear? As if it couldn't get any better than that.
  8.  "Pet Sematary" Yes do not mistaken that spelling, Pet Sematary is spelled with an S, and it also pumped up their audiences with a really creepy, killer Hollywood trailer. The dead come back to life in this flick, and sometimes they are not too happy about it. Okay, they are not happy about it all of the time.
  9. "Scream" This trailer manages to make the list due to the really wicked introduction of a girl on a phone with someone who is apparently watching her. Drew Barrymore plays the opening character, too bad she does not get to stick around.
  10. "Powder" This movie nearly went forgotten, and many of you probably do not remember it, however it is one heck of a touching movie. The Hollywood trailer for Powder was equally as stunning as this movie. If you have yet to see this one, by all means, make it a priority on your list of movies to see.
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