10 Best Hollywood Murder Mystery Movies

Next time you’re in the mood to figure out whodunit, watch any of these ten best Hollywood murder mystery movies. From frightening to hilarious, Hollywood murder mystery movies are a staple in cinema history.

  1. "A Shot in the Dark" – In this Clouseau classic, the Inspector is once again guilty of adding more confusion to a case. His associates suspect Maria Gambrelli, the victim’s maid. Clouseau, smitten with Gambrelli, defends the damsel despite incriminating evidence and continued murders. "A Shot in the Dark" is a must-see for viewers looking for comedy in their Hollywood murder mystery movies.
  2. "Anatomy of a Murder" – This 1959 classic stars James Stewart and Lee Remnick. When Barney Quill, a local bartender is murdered, police suspect Frederick Manion of the crime. Manion, along with his wife and attorney Paul Biegler, can’t seem to get their stories straight. Someone is hiding something and it’s up to Biegler to solve the case.
  3. "And Then There Were None" – Adapted from the Agatha Christie novel of the same name, the movie tells the tale of ten visitors to a strange island. An unknown murderer is killing them one by one, leaving no clue to his or her identity.
  4. "Chinatown" – This sordid mystery starring Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, and John Huston won the Best Screenplay Academy Award in 1975, and was nominated in ten other Oscar categories. Detective JJ Gittes must untangle a mess of lies and deceit to solve the murder of Hollis Mulwray. "Chinatown" is one of the most critically acclaimed Hollywood murder mystery movies.
  5. "Clue" – Based on the classic board game, star Tim Curry strings along unsuspecting guests throughout an evening of murder and mystery. Full of bad jokes and antics, "Clue" will forever hold a place on the list of the best Hollywood murder mystery movies.
  6. "Dial M for Murder" – Filled with blackmail and murder, "Dial M for Murder" is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic murder mystery movies. When a man puts a hit out on his wife, not all goes as planned.
  7. "Memories of Murder" – This South Korean murder mystery movie received critical acclaim worldwide. The tale follows two young detectives who appear to have no crime-solving skills. After a fruitless and violent investigation, they may find their break in the case.
  8. "Murder by Death" – This star-studded classic combines a genuine murder mystery ambience with flawless humor. Dinner host Lionel Twain challenges his guests to solve a murder that will take place at midnight. The victim is the one person no one would expect.
  9. "Murder on the Orient Express" Once again finding himself in the midst of a murder mystery, Hercule Poirot must pinpoint the killer among the passengers on a deadly train ride.
  10. "Sleuth" – Andrew Wyke and Milo Tindle find themselves in a sticky situation. They must work together to resolve the situation. Unfortunately, they have a hard time getting along. With tensions high, the situation turns deadly.

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