10 Best Hollywood Sex Scenes

If you're looking to find the 10 best Hollywood sex scenes, then look no further than these ten steaming selections. Let's face it, sex sells – Be it in porn, music, television, and even Hollywood itself. Although Hollywood sex does have some limitation as compared to that of the porn industry, that doesn't stop these movies from drawing us in with their highly sensual, sometimes raunchy sexual scenery. From "Basic Instinct" to "Out of Sight," there's so much to choose from that it's overwhelming.

  1. Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek in "Desperado." In this action-packed Robert Rodriguez-directed sequel to "El Mariachi," Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek share a very sensual candlelit moment together in which Hayek's very ample bosoms (I mean, uh, talents) are revealed to the us.
  2. Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct." A worn-and-torn San Francisco police detective (Douglas) and a wicked and bi-sexual mystery author share a very erotic affair, little does Douglas know that she is the dangerous ice-pick murder suspect and it's only a matter of time before he's next. 
  3. George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez in "Out of Sight." A dangerous convict (Clooney) and a very sexy U.S. Marshal (Lopez) first share a very erotic and tense moment in the trunk of a car but finally end up getting it on in a cosy posh hotel while snow falls over the city of Detroit, Michigan.
  4. Uma Thurman and Maria de Medeiros in "Henry & June." This controversial NC-17 rated film that followed the diaries of author Anais Nin contained many sex-themed scenes all throughout it, including a explicit lesbian lovemaking scene where oral sex is being simulated, among many others.
  5. Jason Biggs and Shannon Elizabeth in "American Pie." In the 90's version of "Porky's" titled "American Pie," the nerdy character of Jason Biggs is treated to a very, very sexy striptease dance in his bedroom. The only difference is that both of them don't know that it's being broadcast to the entire town via webcam.
  6. Neve Campbell, Matt Dillon, and Denise Richards in "Wild Things." In this scene from the raunchy Hollywood hit film, we see the lovely Neve Campbell and Denise Richards stripping down and getting in a pool with Matt Dillon, resulting in one of the greatest cinematic threesomes ever filmed.
  7. Spike Lee and Rosie Perez in "Do The Right Thing." On a very hot summer day in Brooklyn, after being nagged on by his beautiful feisty girlfriend (Perez) for a quickie before he leaves for work, Lee's character follows through, ordering her to strip naked so he can treat her to some very sensual 'Sex & Ice' therapy.
  8. Phoebe Cates and Judge Reinhold in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." This classic 80's teen comedy film contains a raunchy striptease scene involving Reinhold and Cates. Reinhold's character begins masturbating in his bathroom while peeping at Cates' character who is out swimming in the pool, envisioning her performing a lovely striptease for him until he is rudely interrupted.
  9. Hilary Swank and Chloe Sevigny in "Boys Don't Cry." Having won an Best Actress Oscar award for her portrayal of a girl living as a guy, Hilary Swank and her girlfriend (whom was also nominated as Best Supporting Actress) depict one of the greatest lesbian lovemaking scenes ever seen on cinema. 
  10. Mark Wahlberg and Julianne Moore in "Boogie Nights." A Hollywood film about a porn film? It doesn't get any better than this, folks. Here we see the characters of Dirk Diggler (Wahlberg) and Amber Waves (Moore) sizzling it up for a sex scene in one of Diggler's porn star roles. 
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