10 Best Home Coming Songs

Songs which make you homesick is the criteria for these 10 best home coming songs. They tell a tale of the place you left behind, that which you think of when you hear the word "home".

  1. "Country Roads" (John Denver) "Almost heaven, West Virginia" tells you the writer's exact perception of West Virginia . "Country Roads" was written by John Denver, Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert, and released in 1971.
  2. "Celebrate Me Home" (Kenny Loggins) This song isn't about one particular place so much as whatever each of us know to be "home". He wants a number he can call and just be transported back to that safe haven. Loggins co-wrote this song with Bob James.
  3. "Massachusetts" (The BeeGees) Written by the Brothers Gibb, this song prominently features Robin Gibb. There aren't a lot of songs with Massachusetts in the title, and this one turned out to be a huge hit. The song meant nothing to them, never having been there. They just liked the way the word sounded.
  4. "California Dreamin" (The Mamas and Papas) When "all the leaves are brown and the skies are gray", what do you do? Dream about California, of course. John Phillips came up with the concept and when his wife Michelle woke up, he asked her to help write it. The song didn't gain popularity until a station in Boston picked it up, and the rest is history.
  5. "New York, New York" (Frank Sinatra) Because everybody knows, if you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere. Composed by John Kander, with Lyrics by Fred Ebb, the song was released in 1977 for the movie of the same name, performed by Liza Minelli. Sinatra made it his own in 1979. Interesting note: the song they originally wrote for the movie was deemed by Robert DeNiro to be "too weak", and this is what they came up with instead.
  6. "Sweet Home Alabama" (Lynyrd Skynyrd) "Where the skies are so blue". This is a timeless classic with an easily recognizable opening musical hook. Ed King gave credit to Gary Rossington for a guitar riff that inspired him in the creation of this song.  As home coming songs go, "Sweet Home Alabama" definitely tops the list.
  7. "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" (Tony Bennett)  This song was penned by George Cory and Douglass Cross, who were a gay couple that were homesick after moving to New York City. They tried several titles, and the one they thought of as "too corny" was the one we know. It was composed in 1954 but not released until 1962, when it spent a significant amount of time at the top of the music charts.
  8. "Radar Love" (Golden Earring) Sometimes home is where your baby is, as this song indicates. She calls and says "I need you here", dude puts the pedal to the medal. That's the kind of homecoming no man takes a pass on. The song was a huge hit in the States for this Dutch Group.
  9. "Sloop John B" (The Beachboys) The chorus is actually "I want to go home". The song has a long and varied history as it was written in 1927 by Carl Sandburg. It was Al Jardine's idea to modify it for the Beach Boys, and it became a huge hit for them in 1966.
  10. "Rocky Mountain High" (John Denver) Mike Taylor co-wrote this song with John Denver. Amazingly enough, Denver once had to take the witness stand to defend the song against accusations that it was about drug use/abuse. The high he references is actually the sense of peace he got from being in the Rockies.

Home coming songs aren't always about a specific place. In Rocky Mountain High, Denver alluded to that with the line "Coming home to a place he'd never been before." As has been said so many times before, "home is where the heart is."

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