10 Best Home Stereo Systems

For the music connoisseur, it would be considered a mortal sin if they do not know the 10 best home stereo systems currently available in the market.  It doesn’t take a musician or composer to learn a love for music and above all, you don’t need to be a musician or a composer to appreciate the importance of having an excellent home stereo system.  Music soothes the nerves frayed by stress and tension.  Music brings about a hidden passion within people that can only be revealed by their favorite songs.  These are what the ten best home stereo systems aim to provide—music perfection and music precision at the right pace and at the right pitch.

  1. Polk Audio I-Sonic ES2. TheI-Sonic Entertainment system 2 is the perfect partner for the iPod and the iPhone as it delivers incredible richness and purity of sound entertainment, which represents Polk Audio’s reputation for delivering top-of-the-line stereo systems.
  2. Geneva Sound System Model L. Laudable & equipped with extreme music power, the Model L comes equipped with two booming speakers, the classic CD player and the standard radio feature and its exceptional amplifier.  The Model L’s multi-faceted reputation as a home stereo system represents its success in providing iPod users an authentic Hi-Fi experience in listening to their favorite tunes at any time and in any day.
  3. Mondo Mint DMS300. As the iPod has revolutionized the music industry, so has the Mondo Mint revolutionized listening to the iPod.  What makes this an entirely powerful beast of an audio machine is its capability of broadcasting music to distances as far as 100 feet.
  4. JVC UX-G70. A DVD Micro Component System, the UX-G70 manufactured by JVC provides the listener a high-powered 5-Disc DVD Changer and the unique USB audio input that allows you quick and easy connection with a video game or your personal computer.  For a component system, the UX-G70 raises the bar with its multi-faceted features that can rival the best of home stereo systems.
  5. LG LF-D7150. Affordability and a crisp sound quality for a micro system, the LF-D7150 has a wide range of file compatibility that includes DVD, CD, DivX and MP3 as well as WMA playback capabilities.
  6. JVC EX-A10. A component DVD player compatible with most DVD audio and video discs in the market and a wide range of file compatibility, the JVC EX-A10 exudes an excellent premium build quality for a stereo system.  Capable of producing superior acoustic output for the best natural sound, it is also designed with a furniture grade cherry wood finish for its speaker enclosure to give it a touch of exquisite elegance.
  7. Onkyo CS-V720S. Versatile and a perfect combination of style, performance and affordability. This is what describes the CS-V720S best.  Fully armed with a variety of features including Onkyo’s Wide Range Amplifier Technology and the XM ready tuner, the CS-V720S takes home stereo systems to a whole new level for those in search for the biggest bang out of their buck.
  8. Panasonic SC-PM91D. An excellent choice for a simple home stereo system, the SC-PM91D has a multi-disc changer together with good connectivity options, more than decent quality for sound and a perfect choice for a limited budget.
  9. Bose Wave Music System. A popular people’s choice for their main home stereo system, the Bose Wave Music System presents impressive sound output considering its size.  The award-winning Wave music system, with its simplistic design and user-friendly controls is engineered to provide its listeners instant enjoyment literally right out of the box.
  10. Denon S-52. Picture an eight-armed octopus in your mind, think of it in the context of home stereo systems and you will get the Denon S-52.  With premium features including to an iPod docking station, tabletop radio, the dynamism of a USB port, compatibility with the XM satellite radio, the oh-so-present CD player and its network playback capacity as it plugs into your computer to play all-time favorites from your digital music collection, the Denon S-52 is the perfect companion for hours of music enjoyment.
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