10 Best Honda Motorcycles

Have you ever wondered what the 10 best Honda motorcycles are? Soichiro Honda started Honda in 1946 as cheap transportation for people  after World War 2.  In 1949 the Model D (Dream) was the first real bike produced. Today Honda makes some of the best motorcycles you can own. Here is a list of the 10 best Honda motorcycles to date in no particular order. These motorcycles listed are great for beginners and advanced riders.

  1. 2009 Honda Shadow Aero/Spirit 750. This bike has low seat height. This motorcycle has great handling and has a 745  V twin. It has a lot of power but is excellent for beginners. This motorcycle sells for around $7699.
  2. 2009 Honda Rebel. The Honda rebel is used during motorcycle training classes because of the ease of handling. It is a great bike for beginners. It has an air cooled  234cc  parallel twin engine. This motorcycle sells for around $4000.
  3. 2009 Honda CRF23OL. This motorcycle is great for trails or road. An excellent bike for beginners because this bike is ready for most anything. This bike has a 223cc single-cylinder engine with electric start and sells for around $5000.
  4. 2009 Honda CRF23OM. This is another great starter  motorcycle. Similar to the CRF23OL and has seats that are .2 inches shorter. This bike sells for around $5395.
  5. Honda CB750. This motorcycle had several models built between 1969 and 2003. It is known for it's lasting impact. Known as a great sports bike this motorcycle is excellent. It has transverse, overhead camshaft inline four cylinder engine. This bike sells between $5000 and $20000.
  6. Night Hawk 750. This motorcycle is awesome and known to be reliable and useful. Night Hawk 750 has a four stroke engine with a five speed manual transmission. It has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. This motorcycle was made between 1982 and 2003 and sells for $2000 used.
  7. Honda CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird. This bike was produced from 1997 through 2006. This is one of the fastest motorcycles with speed up to 178mph. Easy operation and touring comfort. This motorcycle sells between $5000 and $20000.
  8. Honda Gold Wing. This motorcycle is a touring bike and is great for long rides. It has an adjustable windshield, trunk, setback for pillion rider and anti lock braking. In addition it has, cruise control and an audio system. This bike was first introduced in 1975. It sells around $25000.
  9. 2007 Honda  Shadow Sabre. This is a cruiser motorcycle and is great for long rides.  It has a V twin engine and five speed transmission. A great motorcycle for someone who takes long rides. This motorcycle sells for  around $9000.
  10. 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit. This is a cruiser motorcycle and is known for being a great ride. It has a V twin engine and five speed transmission. This motorcycle sells for around $7000.
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