10 Best Hookah Bars in NYC


The 10 best hookah bars in New York City is a fantastic accumulation of relaxation, fun and friends. New York City is a hub for all sorts of activities. You name it, they’ve done it. One thing New York City is quickly being noted for is the fine selection of hookah bars. Even if you are not into smoking, hookah bars offer a different slant with flavors and other amenities.

  1. Moomia Lounge Moomia Lounge is flavor explosion. Twenty-five flavors to be exact. With a great selection and a disc jockey spinning tunes every night, this location promises a fun filled evening of music, company and chillin’. Moomia Lounge: 157 Lafayette St. New York, NY 10013. (212) 219-4006
  2. Karma Karma provides velvet couches with soothing tunes to eclipse your worries. The tobacco is first rate from smooth and barely there to strong and wickedly flavorful. This multi-floor venue offers a great time and an open microphone. Karma: 51 First Ave. New York, NY 10003. (212) 677-3160
  3. Cozy Café Hookah Bar Cozy Cafe smokes up New York with a fine blend of sweet tobacco, drinks and a modest food menu. The atmosphere is fresh and relaxing with belly dancers and soothing tunes. Cozy Café Hookah Bar: 43 E. First St. New York, NY 10003. (212) 475-0177
  4. Habibi Lounge Habibi Lounge is a hot spot and local favorite for good reason. Great people, fantastic tobacco, super finger food and fine spirits equal a smashing good time. With over 40 flavors to choose from, you cannot go hookah wrong here! Habibi Lounge: 198 First Ave. New York, NY 10009. (212) 982-0932
  5. Le Souk Le Souk is exquisite, cultural and well presented. This is a classy bar and restaurant with a fine menu and savory tobaccos. The wait staff is extraordinary and the atmosphere is relaxing, smooth and sweet. Le Souk: 47 Avenue B. New York, NY 10009. (212) 777-5454
  6. Tagine Dining and Hookah Bar Tagine is as comforting as a Moroccan sunset. This lavish setting offers authentic Moroccan food and some of the finest hookah relaxation in the city. This bar offers fine eats, entertainment and relaxing times. Tagine Dining and Hookah Bar: 221 West 38th St. New York, NY 10018. (646) 373-6265
  7. Le Caire Lounge Le Caire is a fashionable location that takes comfort and socializing seriously. There’s a nicely stocked bar and impressive food menu to accompany your hookah times. Le Caire Lounge: 189 E. Third St. New York, NY 10009. (212) 777-7447
  8. Maradona Hookah Bar and Lounge Maradona is a hot spot in the midst of New York City. Great atmosphere topped of with excellent music, great crowds and, of course, exceptional varieties of tobacco. Maradona Hookah Bar and Lounge: 188 Allen St. New York, NY 10002. (646) 861-2195
  9. Babel Lounge and Hookah Bar Babel boasts an energetic flair amongst its Mediterranean pizzazz. This vibrant venue offers traditional and special blends of tobacco along with a phenomenal bar. Babel Lounge and Hookah Bar: 131 Avenue C. New York, NY 10009. (212) 505-3468
  10. Suave Hookah Lounge Suave offers the best selection and best atmosphere on the Lower East Side. This is an exceptional atmosphere with a huge tobacco menu, great staff and wonderful mood music. Suave hookah Lounge: 114 E. First St. Manhattan, NY 10009. (212) 253-0253
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