10 Best Hunting PC Games

If you long to feel the thrill of the hunt without dragging yourself up from the couch, one of these 10 best hunting PC games might do the trick. These video games allow you to load, aim and fire at your unsuspecting virtual prey and experience the rush of victory as you fell your target–all without hurting a single creature. 

  1. "Deer Hunter Tournament" This Windows PC hunting game is known as one of the best, and it offers realistic gameplay that requires strategy and stealth. The game also has a tournament mode, allowing you to compete with other players online.
  2. "Deer Hunter 2005" "Deer Hunter 2005" has an 8.6 user rating on Gamespot, and it takes players across the globe to locations like Germany and Australia. Both single-player mode and online multiplayer are available. 
  3. "Wild Boar Hunter" As both the hunted and the prey, you must defend yourself from the vicious attacks of rampaging porcine beasts in this wild shoot-em-up.
  4. "The Hunter" This game has earned a reputation as one of the top PC hunting games due to its stunning outdoor graphics and realism. It requires more tracking strategy than more simplistic, point-and-shoot games.
  5. "Hunting Unlimited" This one earns points for sheer fun. There is little tracking involved here, as you are placed within close proximity of your prey from the outset (which may be a plus for some).
  6. "Dangerous Hunts" This is one of the best hunting games because of the exotic nature of the prey. Forget about meek whitetails; here you face off with wildcats, grizzly bears and even rhinoceros.
  7. "Turkey Hunting" This online freebie offers substantially smaller prey than competitors, but the realism and aspect of challenge make this one of the best PC hunting games.
  8. "Deer Drive" "Deer Drive" allows for up to four players from your PC so that you can play in party mode.
  9. "Hunter's World" Combining the MMORPG and hunting genres, this one makes the best hunting game list for the numerous ways you can interact with other players from your PC.
  10. "Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2008: Trophy Bucks" This one may not be the most challenging of the bunch, but it makes the list for cathartic fun.
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