10 Best I Want To Go Home Songs

The 10 best I want to come home songs tackle a classic storytelling theme in countless ways. They tell stories of lost souls, big cities, small towns, changing lives and contentious relationships. Almost all of them are melancholy, though there are threads of triumph as well.

  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd – “Sweet Home Alabama” If “Sweet Home Alabama” isn’t the ultimate I want to go home song, we don’t know what is. Skynyrd love their home so much they want to go home while they are home. It’s a logical paradox, but also a burning sense of down south pride that inspired one of the ten best I want to go home songs.
  2. Rancid – “Olympia, WA” Rancid’s Tim Armstrong is one of the great unsung lyricists of his generation, and “Olympia” is a tale of a man’s loneliness, of being stuck in New York City with a lover who doesn’t want him and millions of people who don’t even care he exits. All he wants to do is head home.
  3. J. Cole – “Home for the Holidays” Tucked at the end of J. Cole’s “Friday Night Lights," “Home for the Holidays” is a reluctant entry in the cannon of ten best I want to go home song. While Cole certainly expresses his desire to return to his roots for the holidays, he also expresses trepidation about seeing his hometown change.
  4. Bobby Bare – “Detroit City” “Detroit City” is a melancholic country pop song with a soothing old-fashioned sound and a very deep sense of yearning. Bobby Bare tells the story of a small town boy who ends up in Detroit but can only think of heading home. It’s evocative of a different time and is one of the ten best I want to go home songs.
  5. Kanye West – “Homecoming” Kanye West enlisted the help of Coldplay’s Chris Martin for his contribution to the ten best I want to go home songs. The hip-hop ballad tells the story of Kanye’s tumultuous relationship with his hometown and his desire to return to it after a wild year of tours and promotion.
  6. Smashing Pumpkins – “Spaceboy” Like all of Billy Corgan’s best songs, there are a number of ways you can interpret the lyrics to “Spaceboy.” It’s been suggested that the song is a tribute to a mentally handicapped member of the Corgan family. It could be an ode to being whacked out on drugs or feeling alienated from society. Regardless of the intentions, “Spaceboy” is one of the ten best I want to go home songs.
  7. Joe South – “Don’t It Make You Want to Go Home” South is a little bit singer songwriter, a little bit country. “Don’t It Make You Want to Go Home” sounds like it could’ve been written by both Johnny Cash and The Byrds. It’s a gentle, old-fashioned, corny track, but also one of the ten best I’m coming home songs.
  8. Dinosaur Jr – “Goin’ Home” “Goin’ Home” is a lilting ballad driven by acoustic guitars, an organ and J’s lazy croon. Lyrically, the song expresses the desire to go home in an effort to reconnect with an old flame. 
  9. Nirvana – “Sliver” "Sliver" is a peon to Cobain's miserable sleepovers at his grandmother’s house while his parents are getting divorced. When he screams “Grandma take me home,” you know it’s really his pain about that divorce seeping through and the knowledge that he can never go home.
  10. Disciple – “Going Home” Christian metal band Disciple sing about seeing Jesus on the horizon and wanting to go home, apparently with the Lord. Though they don't go into the details, we'd like to think that they sat down with the J-man, had a cup of tea and some biscuits and conversated.
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